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Anxiety doesn’t adapt well to change or to life altering moments. Anxiety doesn’t care if you are excited about moving to another state, or if you finally got an amazing promotion. Anxiety doesn’t care about your accomplishments, because all it does is focus on your failures.

But what I want you to remember most is the moment you turned away. The moment you decided that this wasn’t going to work. The moment you shifted your gaze so you didn’t have to look at me. The moment you saw me crying and said nothing. The moment when everything changed.

You need to be able to communicate. To not just reply with one word answers or one sentences text messages. You need to be able to always say how you feel when you feel it, instead of hiding it. Over thinkers will try to find meaning in everything that you say and do, so you might as well always tell the truth, even if it’s hard to do.

You make me want to be weak. You make me want to forget my self-worth. To throw away my ideas of what I deserve and to whole heartedly dive into your world. Your world that used to be mine too.

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