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Being single is a time of growth and a time of change, not a time of self-pity. Being single isn’t anything to look down upon. Being single is living your life according to you and on your own terms. Being single is being able to be alone, and not feel an ounce of loneliness.

It’s ok to be love being single, but to also still love love. It’s ok to want intimacy and to want someone to adore. That doesn’t mean you aren’t strong. That doesn’t mean you aren’t enough as you are. And that doesn’t mean you’re a liar for saying you love being on your own.

Don’t be stupid. If a loved one asks for reassurance and help with a fear that they have, don’t act like their question isn’t important. Please do not undermine the level of severity that anxiety can have on people and don’t treat them like they are children.

If you were here today, I would shower you with ‘I love you’s’ not caring if it made you wince. Because those three words have only been true when it was said to you.

Surround yourself with as much love as you can. Give your heart the best life it can have. Give your soul the kindest and warmest hugs day in and day out. And show yourself undying love, that will live on until your very last breath

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