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Stop telling yourself you aren’t enough, because you are. Stop telling yourself you will never find a love like that again, because you will. Stop telling yourself you are ugly, because you are beautiful and need to believe that. You are always, always enough.

You can’t ever forget a first love, but you can let go of them eventually. You can’t ever forget a loved one who passed away, but you can eventually continue on with your life and heal. I wish there could be a magical spell to stop all the pain and memories, but that would be too easy wouldn’t it?

They say “you know when you know” but I don’t think that’s entirely true. Sometimes, you want so badly to be in love that for the time being you think you are. You can confuse lust with love and love with lust in a relationship. You also could be trying to replicate a past love, trying to remember how it felt to be so desperately in love that it hurt.

As soon as you graduate, you are bombarded with new emotions and new information. At first, graduating feels like a dream. It hasn’t quite hit you yet and your adrenaline lasts a while after you get off the stage. Later, all your friends drink wine with you until you forget all the things you have to worry about later.

It’s so easy to do. And it happens all the time. You crave instant gratification and attention and you finally meet a boy who gives it to you.

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