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You don’t ‘have time to date’. I’m sorry but that’s not a valid excuse. If you have time to sit on your ass and watch Netflix by yourself at midnight, you have time to go for drinks with a stranger and you certainly have time to play the field.

Be selfish about your current job. Take advantage of your skills and assets, and quit the job that is making you miserable. Do not stay out of comfort or just because you think it’s the right thing for you to do. Be selfish in what job you apply for and what jobs you accept.

Please do not let anxiety become your world. Please do not let anxiety consume you. Because even though you feel like this right now, it’s just a tiny moment. A minute or a day out of millions more that you will get to experience. So even though it’s hard to breathe and to think right now, you won’t always feel this way.

You have got to stand up for what you believe in no matter how deafening it sounds. You have got to go after what you want, and not make apologies along the way. You’ve got to shout to the rooftops that you are special, and not glance down at your hands in embarrassment. You’ve got to believe in your abilities to succeed.

You need to wait for the girl with kindness etched on every inch of her heart. With boldness and strength marked on her scars, and with confidence and self-worth written on her imperfections.

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