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Stop finding happiness in other people. Stop giving everyone your heart, without hesitation. Stop defining your life by another human being. Truthfully, you are the only one that you need. You are the only human being that will pull yourself up from underneath this dark curtain. You are the only one who can fix yourself.

You don’t always have to be in such a rush, to let your stress weigh down your shoulders every single day. You don’t have to care about the minuscule things that people tell you to. You don’t have to run so hard, because sooner or later, your legs are going to give out.

You’re single because you don’t want to settle. Love is not a game to you. It’s not a joke. You’re not going to get a girlfriend or boyfriend just to make you feel less alone for the time being. You know your worth. And your worth is not temporary.

He made me feel special. Like I was different from the rest. His unwavering eye contact made my stomach drop (the delicious, good kind of stomach drop). He asked me questions about me, about my life, about what I did and didn’t like. He made me feel like I was the only damn person in the room when I was with him. And that kind of attention can be dangerous. Because once you get it, you never want it to stop.

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