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You’re allowed to believe in yourself — despite the past that haunts you with ghosts you wish you could forget. Despite the people who tell you won’t amount to anything. Despite the individuals who spit words at you, begging you to trip over yourself. And despite all the whispers in your head that tell you that maybe all of those people are right.

I am done wearing myself down. I am done giving people my all, when I get nothing in return. I am done giving away my whole heart, when all I get back, is my soul torn to shreds.

Let 2017 be the year you surprise yourself. Let it be the year you put one step forward instead of taking three steps back. Let it be the year you sprint instead of stumble. And let it be the year you go for your goals instead of turning your head away from them. Let it be the year you get up off of your ass, and start putting your life back together.

I had high hopes for you, you know. Hopes that we could all do better and be better people. Hopes that better things would come to the people I love, and that greater things would come to people who truly needed it.

Dear 2017, Please grant us with the strength we need when we are deep into despair. And please grant us with the hope we need when we are close to giving up.

You’re allowed to set yourself free from the life you have grown tired of. You’re allowed to wave goodbye to those people who never supported you in the first place. And you’re allowed to do something for yourself, to escape the life that has tripped you in its tight grasp. You’re allowed to leave that life behind you. And you’re allowed to not look back if you don’t want to.

Forgive yourself for causing your own heart pain. For ever telling yourself that you weren’t worthy and for ever causing your heart to break. Forgive yourself for treating yourself in a way that you would never treat anyone else. And forgive yourself for being human.

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