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I had a pretty normal sex life before I decided to go celibate a little over 2 years ago. One friend says I shouldn’t use that word but rather go with abstinence because this is really a break and not some thing I did for a higher purpose a word like celibacy makes it out to be.

Casting a vote in the ballot box is like throwing your pennies into a wishing well, in the hope that your dreams may become a reality.

For you, the African in a foreign land, it is going to be exceptionally tough for the duration of the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag activism run so I thought I would give you a few tips to come out unscathed.

For the benefit of global village who have been misinformed or have a warped image of what Africa is or what our culture, living conditions are like, I thought I could be one to edumacate the masses.

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