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July 13, 2016

I Think I’ll Always Be A Little Heartbroken (And That’s Okay)

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I cannot remember the first time I had my heart broken;
I cannot even remember when it was whole
to begin with.
That’s just me,
I had my heart broken,
I have always had my heart broken
by people who never knew
they did,
those people who got
too close then just leave, so suddenly
without warning; leaving unexpectedly
and never looking back.
I had my heart broken
by moments I lost,
moments that slipped
through the spaces between
my fingertips, moments I had hoped to
feel for the second time but didn’t have
the chance to, moments I didn’t want
to end, but still did.
I had my heart broken
by all the goodbyes
I never got to say,

by all the goodbyes I never wanted
to hear, by the endings I was too
afraid to speak of.
I had my heart broken
for wearing it on my sleeve
too often and too long.

Honey, I had my heart
broken far too many times,
for too many reasons.
But I am here,
I am still here and
that’s all that matters. TC mark

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