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Johanna de Silentio is phiLOLZophy, best friends who drink vodka, argue about philosophy and blog from Minneapolis.

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What I’m Doing With My Life: Thinking about my ability and inability to understand the divine transcendent reality, be a good person, live a ‘meaningful’ life. Existing in absurdity, etc.

You are going to run your mouth about philosophy and retributively annoy your entire family by talking about things they are too embarrassed to admit they don’t understand.

You want to tell them something simple, the laws of logic or 2+2=4 and they’re debating you in some f-ed up dream logic until you yourself are confused about which way is up. This is what talking to you feels like.

Things don’t have to last forever as a prerequisite to them being worthwhile.

Anybody who doesn’t get a hangover. ?You probably have at least 16 more productive hours a week than the rest of us. You consider yourself normal and us ‘troubled’ but that is marginalizing. Stop bothering me and hand me the Ibuprofen you inevitably have in your desk because your lifestyle allows time for things like ‘Target runs.’

Alcohol. At its best, dating can make you feel all warm and fuzzy, happy, uninhibited, giggly, etc. At its worst, dating can make you puke, lose all your money, get fat, and make a fool out yourself in public. Luckily, dating won’t damage your liver (at least not directly).

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