September 23, 2016

40 Hilarious Photos Of Everyday Objects That Look Exactly Like Vaginas

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How to admire a woman human in public: STFU!!!!!!!! It’s totally fine to be like “jfc look @ how hot she is, damn.” but just STFU don’t say anything or whistle or honk or yell or TOUCH HER WITHOUT HER PERMISSION. Have half a chill and SFTU u are doing entirely too much u are embarrassing yourself you are not “A Catcaller” u are “An Embarrassment.” There is a difference between politely attempting to start conversation with someone you find attractive vs. harassment. It takes approximately 1 second of social intelligence reflection time to figure out the difference. If you can’t figure out the difference, take the guaranteed route of STFU!!!! (But also acknowledgement: “street harassment” has become buzzy for #feminism and there are still critical discussions to be had about boundaries, *cultural differences*, the line between annoyance and actual danger, privilege, etc.; also: woman humans have been conditioned to view all males on the street as potential Embarrassments and sometimes we miss out on real human interaction, sometimes a nice older gentleman is just trying to say good morning to u and u glare at him and feel really guilty but it’s kind of neither of your faults?) @oldermtg

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I’m not thinking abt sax-pleasure specifically, but thinking abt how pleasure of any kind is seen as frivolous and something to be sublimated to being “productive” or “practical" and about how the concept of pleasure is only seen as legitimate when linked to commerce and consumption and how the concept of pleasure is packaged as a limited resource because the experience is only “appropriate” or “responsible” under particular circumstances and during certain quadrants of your time and how we end up protecting these stolen moments as though they really could run out, or as though we may never encounter them again and how we’re left constantly, selfishly, secretly seeking pleasure that we think we have to buy. Thinking abt how pleasure is seen as something that happens to you and not as something you do for yourself or some way you can choose to think. @carajojo

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Tell everyone you love that you love them. There are no words for this. @emmapinsky

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*rides into the sunset* @lagarfiocar

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V torn between 2 Tru things: 1.Capitalism enables patriarchy enables capitalism, it creates false meritocracy that rides on disenfranchised and marginalized bodies DOWN W THE SYSTEM LET’S CONNECT TO EACH OTHER 2.Economic empowerment is essential for the advancement of feminism, the 2nd wave failed: it’s not inclusive to non-binary genders/ people of color/ etc. ad infinitum therefore not ethical, we cannot just knit our way to freedom nobody cares ALWAYS STAY GRACIOUS BEST REVENGE IS YOUR PAPER *but can we ethically participate in The System and will we ever actually succeed within it? It's a lot of pressure to task Feminism with ushering in a new order of ~Peace maybe that's not actually fair why do we need to clean up this mess? /// how to deal w this????? @rachellenaesterline

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Made some thinking and then a think piece about #Lemonade for @bullettmagazine pls enjoy link in bio XO – Eva @beyonce

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Hey, gender is not an aesthetic category. S/0 @the_cakeface

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There often a tittie for tat outrage that come from man when feminist issue are discussed like "man are discriminated against too" "girl are mean too." This may be true and yes, as individual humans, Woman-Humans are assholds as often as Man-Human but not necessary to point this out at every turn. Feminist conversations are not unilaterally misandrist!!! Relax. It's important to recognize that males (esp white male) are acting with the entire force of centuries of institutionalized power on their side. Thus, when male is shitty @ a female, especially in regards to being thoughtless towards her vis a vis his sexuality, he invokes a system that she is trapped inside of and reinforces the feeling of powerlessness she was taught to believe she manifests inherently. It is essential that we discuss the position of males I/r/t the state of womyn, but this is not bc we hate you or think u don't suffer too. Mayhaps, in the future, we will all be genderless individuals (in regards to binary+hierarchy) responsible solely for our own actions within a resource-rich egalitarian society but unfortunately this is not the experience we are all currently living. LATP encourages everyone to simply act like A Fucking Human. @m_kittycat

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Rise to the occasion of your one and only pussy [stay warm] @tuuuski

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That moment right before or just after the second time you do sax to each other when he looks at you with lots of "understanding" and *dramatic pause* lets you know that you're "great" but that he isn't "ready" for a "relationship" right now. Like motherfucker you think I'm delusional enough to have mistaken you for my boyfriend?!!??? DO U THINK UR THE ONLY DUDE? He’s letting you know that 1.He thinks you are stupid 2.He probably plans to act like an asshold in any/ all of the following ways: a.Make “tentative” plans with you and then just fail to follow through b.Not text u back c.Recoil like ur a psycho if you ever ask him for basically anything. Rill, Correct and Nice mans frame this as a question (e.g. “what type of relationship are you hoping to pursue?” “What is this time in your life like?” “How do you feel about this?") and honor the fact that any relationship is “a relationship” and that he is still required to act like A Human. Even if it doesn’t come with monogamy, love, w/e. it can still contain respect, friendship and mutual positive regard!!!! Expecting this/ asking for this especially from a saxual partner doesn’t make you psycho. Sometime, feminism and sax-positivity are misconstrued as a pressure to be “chill” with anything i/r/t sax; really tho, sax-positive means that sax is a positive experience and not dehumanizing (except in the hot way). A D V O C A T E for yourself in all things pls @henry_crouch

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Alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright now Ladies don't always have a pussu and Men not always have a penip. Biological sex, gender and sexuality are 3 distinct categories. Do u have questions about this? For cis female, gender IS enacted conjunct biology and yes, "difference" (from cis male) and relative "sameness" (to other cis females) can be found in evidence on the body itself. This is an experience that the authors of LATP are native to (ya…..we not dudes u guys lol) and this type of embodiment is unique to "the cis experience." To Look At This Pussy and to *bikini* wax fuckin poetic about it is not done with the intention of excluding trans bodies from the equation (or "the trans experience" which includes radical introspection, honesty, transformation, violence, bravery, etc.)– ur soul doesn't live in ur pussy and identifying as a Woman-Human is not contingent upon being born w pussy duhhhhhhhhhh @annepolitsch

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Because all I wanted was to love you and to make you feel loved @sdvw

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Have u ever been accused of being “chill”? Ya. Unchill. No, I am not chill and u can’t make me chill. Watch me escalate this supposed compliment into a Gillian Flynn- level rant that ends with me shouting “I’M NOT FUCKING CHILL” over and over until u #stfu. Watch ur sad projection of just how chill u think females should act shrivel up and die right here in my mouth. This will probably lead to diagnosis as “crazy” which, as we all know, is the opposite of chill. Crazy is evident in any/ all of the following actions when they are performed by female: 1.Any action; 2.Knowing boundaries and making informed decisions based on self-examination; 3.Challenging a male either publicly or privately to re-examine his behavior and/ or expectation of female chill; 4.Standing up for herself. #TGIF

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"There are many way to skin a cat," as the saying goes (aka the psychopath's motto) the saying also goes "having ur cake and eating it too" which is a ridiculous turn of phrase because in what possible Stephen Hawkings alternate world can u HAVE cake but not EAT cake if said cake belongs to u??? Raise ur hand if this expression means nothing to u. The world is my cake. Duh. Unless by "cake" u mean "human person" in which case no, in fact you are Not entitled to do anything to the cake unless the cake expressly tells you: "eat it." Here's a #cool #lingual mashup: "there are many ways to eat a pussy." Mashup meaning is something like "use ur brain to think carefully abt something you're not inherently entitled to; #eat it if you're instructed to do so." Also don't hurt pussies or kitties or kitty-pussies RIP to this one :( v sad @sunkissedscott

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It hard to grow up as a penip male with traditional expectations of masculinity knowing that, inevitably, you have to be the one solely responsible for “Putting food on the goddamned table!!!” In electing gender equality as queen of the land, pussu females are signing up for this pressure too. This is some red pill ass shit matrix ass shit and we can’t go back. The good news is we don’t have to be helpless anymore and the bad news is we don’t get to be helpless anymore. Ultimately this is the Correct choice, but it’s worth noting that the prospect of true gender equality isn’t just empowering it’s also harrowing as an individual human person, irrespective of gender. Go out there, stay awake, b skrong, everybody (we’re all scared it’s ok). @Jen.claycomb

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The religion story of St Theresa is a p saucy one abt a woman who had her heart penetrated repeatedly by the luv-arrow of a sweet, sweet cherubic angel and experienced the glory of heavenly beatitude as a firework of physical ecstasy that relaxed her immensely: Theresa of Avila of the Deepest And Chilliest Vibes. She said the purest feelings of g-d's luv registered across her body and changed her and nothing was the same 4 her after that which is a really nice way 2 feel about ur body, especially as a female pussu perso. Also, many of us don't feel fully embodied as a being that feels pleasure or even just as a being that feels anything sometime. It's Real to experience l-o-v-e-e-e in a physical way and there isn't always a vast divide between luv emotion and sax emotion whether u are solo or with a luvr or whether ur intellectual ideology dictates a detachment from that aspect of your physicality in favor of social/political Equality (which is still duh noble but doesn't have to be king at all times) S/0 Bernini s/0 @simonetestore

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Q: What's the deal w eating it? A: Ya.

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She doesn’t want to be “de-sexualized.” She wants to be de-shamed, de-fetishized, de-criminalized, normalized. Sexualize the fuck out of her. She wants to live in her own body and find a home in it. She wants to be sexualized as an individual human person, not as a collection of parts, replaceable, adjustable, mutable, to the infantile omnipotence of whatever this “patriarchy” bullshit is that makes her unrecognizable to herself and that tells her that the physical part– the most private, pleasurable part of her anatomy—is probably ugly and that she should probably apologize, probably be ashamed, that it smells, that it’s gross, that she’s dirty. Pls, give her pleasure, if she wants it, pls give her affection, if she wants it. Remember that she exists even when you’re not looking at her. @christinaalsing

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In the eternal words of Ginuwine, "Ex-fucking-spress urself seshually!!! Everybody loves that shitttt! Especially me!"– Ginuwine

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a spoonful frm heave @elle598

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