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Tyler Oakley: You need someone adventurous. Someone who’s willing to jump out of an airplane with you. Someone who’s willing to get drunk off their ass with you. Someone who’s open to anything, because they’ll do whatever it takes to have fun and enjoy life.

I want to live with you, so we won’t feel the need to fill every moment with adventure to make sure we don’t waste what little time we have. So we can just lounge around and read on opposite ends of the couch without saying a word. So we can spend the entire day in bed, alternating between snoring and screwing.

You’re the type of person who would buy your partner soup and sing them silly little lullabies when they’re sick. You’re the type of person who would sit side-by-side with them on the couch, reading a book while they watched their favorite TV show. Doesn’t that make you a total catch?

We’ll tell you we love you by letting you choose the movie on date night and by giving you the last bite of our ice cream. We’ll tell you we love you by doing the dishes when it’s your turn and by spending hours searching for your birthday gift. We’ll tell you we love you in a secret language we pray you understand.

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