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Aspiring science fiction author. Dog owner. Neil Patrick Harris fangirl.

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“I have a leash and collar that I wear. It sounds more intense than it actually is. If you like handcuffs, then you should probably try it. It’s similar. You get to be controlled. Act submissive. It’s hot.”

She doesn’t believe your excuses. She’ll play along when you tell her that your phone battery died, because she doesn’t want to call you out on such an obvious lie, but you’re not pulling one over on her. You’re not as smart as you think you are.

Capricorn: You have low self-esteem, because you were the smartest kid in elementary school. You did well in all of your classes and were constantly told how intelligent you were. Now that your’e older, you feel like you haven’t lived up to expectations. Like you aren’t as smart as everyone always assumed you were.

He’s constantly adding new girls on Facebook and Instagram. You don’t see him commenting on their posts, but that’s because he’s talking to them through private messages. He might’ve even found them through dating sites.

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