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January 9, 2017

26 Average People Reveal The Blood-Curdling Memories They Wish They Could Forget

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Everyone has a story they wish they could wipe from their mind. Here are a few of the more brutal memories from Ask Reddit — memories that will make you realize your own life isn’t so bad.
Unsplash, Sebastian Unrau
Unsplash, Sebastian Unrau

1. A rapist tried to lure me to his house

“When I was about 6 or 7, we had this neighbor that would regularly try to invite me over for cake and candy, or to play with the dogs he owned. My parents didn’t trust him, so of course, invites were declined. Years later, we learned that he regularly raped his 12 year old stepdaughter and got her pregnant. When he went to trial, it was revealed that there were four other young girls in his past that he had abused.

The guy used to decorate his house like a haunted mansion every Halloween, and kids would go crazy for it. I’m so glad that my parents wouldn’t allow me to go there.” — katjalove

2. My father threatened to kill me

“I was home for the summer from college, and my mother and brother had just headed out for a few day trip to visit colleges. This meant I was to take care of my father. Dad… something was clearly wrong but we couldn’t tell what. He had Parkinson’s but it was more than that. But we figured I could handle him.

This is when I came to realize something in his broken mind hated me with a passion. He wouldn’t listen to anything I said. Now I admit I was pissed off so I wasn’t doing a terrific job but even simple things like getting him food was an hour long ordeal that ended with us shouting. This last time, I called mom on the house phone because at least he’d listen to her. I gave him one phone and I was on another, yelling at each other through it even though we were five feet apart. Poor mom trying to referee from a few hundred miles away.

Finally, dad hangs up his phone and hands it to me. “Oh, he’s done, thank god,” I think. But then he tries to take the still active phone from my hand, which I refuse. And that’s when it happens.

It gives me chills to this day. A change came over him. It was subtle, but he stood slightly straighter. It was like for a moment someone else was in his body. He stared at me, and in the most calm, cold voice I have ever heard, said:

“I’m going to kill you.”

There was no emotion behind it. There was no energy. He said it as fact. I was stunned. Mom heard it over the phone. As I stood there, paralyzed, her voice broke through in a whisper. “Kii, run.” I threw the phone at dad, rounded the corner and grabbed my keys. My car screamed out of the driveway. It was pure animal instinct for me at that point. I had to run. Because if I stayed there…

Dad didn’t really remember what happened. He was confused as to why I was suddenly gone. I have no idea what went on in his head at that moment, but I stared into something back there.” — Kii_and_lock

3. There was a dead baby hidden in her bag

“Not necessarily paranormal, but this was something that both creeped me out quite thoroughly and chilled my blood to ice water. I was working at a crematory/funeral home at the time. I’d just picked up the body of a girl my age from the county coroner’s office and was going through the check in procedure (which consisted of lots of paperwork, fingerprints, documentation of belongings, etc). Now when a body comes to us from the coroner, it’s typically an unexpected death that occurred under questionable circumstances. This particular one, I could tell by simply looking at her, was a drug overdose. She had very obvious injection sites in her arms, thigh, one on her foot, and what appeared to be needle marks all over her lower abdomen. Like… It looked like this chick went to fucking town stabbing herself in the belly. This was strange to me, because I know that isn’t a typical place to inject drugs (especially because this girl was a bit on the large side), nor is it usually a place where the pathologist will draw fluids in a case like this.

Anyway, I shrugged it off and began to document her personal items, which come to us zipped up in the body bag in a black trash bag. Usually the coroner’s office provides a detailed list of belongings for liability reasons, this case came with no such list, so it surprised me to see that she did indeed have a property bag with her, tucked under a leg. I tore the bag open and out flopped a fully developed, completely green, dead baby, with a very smushed head. You can imagine my shock; opening the bag, expecting to find shoes, clothes, maybe a wallet, and instead a tiny human plopping out. Long story short(ened), the family did not know, and telling them was horrifying in and of itself. There was absolutely NO sort of documentation on this fully developed human, and the coroner was just as shocked as we were. Some jackass autopsy tech had just stuffed the baby in a bag in hopes of us not finding it and cremating it to save themselves some time on paperwork and dealing with an (already) distraught family. An autopsy was done on the baby, family and friends were questioned, the whole nine yards. Later a friend of the deceased disclosed that she was the only one who the girl had told about being pregnant… And her plans to try and give herself a late stage abortion by injecting heroin straight into her womb.

Pretty fucked. Needless to say, I was always hesitant when opening property bags in fear of finding another dead, green infant as opposed to a pair of nikes.” — BroffaloSoldier

4. I saw a man get shot directly in the face

“I saw a man get shot pretty much point blank in the face in early 2000s. I was in a bar in Moscow waiting for a friend chatting with the bartender, I hear a commotion next to me as I see a guy take a step back whip out a gun point at a guys face and pull a trigger. The guy just slummed and hit the floor and that’s when I saw blood. Immediate ringing in the ears, screams and folks froze as we thought this guy will continue shooting. Turns out, the guy was in the police force and shot this guy as he was part of some sort of a gang who have murdered another cop from his station.” — PistolEnvy

5. My cousin was kidnapped and thrown in the basement

“My cousin use to be a divorce lawyer in Arkansas. He was representing the wife. Husband was abusive and kinda crazy. Well, husband starting believing wife was with my cousin. So he kidnapped my cousin. Tied him up and put him in the basement. Beat him and dripped Acid on him for 3 fucking days. On the 3rd day husband said he would go get wife, make her watch cousin die then kill wife. So husband left, cousin somewhat untied himself. Got out of the house and rolled down the street until someone picked him up. The couple that found him were scared and dumped him into a Walmart parking lot and called 911.” — KayeChan

6. They found their missing friend’s bloody clothes

“When my friend’s dad was around 17 years old, he decided to go camping with about 8 or so of his friends. This took place in the Wisconsin forest. When they got to the site, they decided to split up to collect firewood in groups of two, and meet back at the site in around 20 minutes. One group wasn’t back right away, and since they were a couple, they just assumed they were fornicating in some bushes, and cracked a couple jokes about it. After around an hour they decided they should probably go look for them, and headed off to search in the area they had been collecting wood.

They saw behind a bush part of the girl’s bloody shirt, and the man’s shoes were lying scattered around the scene. They quickly rushed back to their car so they could drive to the park ranger’s office, which was about 5 miles away, and report the incident. However, they found that their gas had been syphoned, so they had no choice but to walk. On their walk back to the office, they saw a semi pass by with one driver and two faces pressed up against the window, which they believe were their friends begging for help.

The two friends were reported missing and have never been found to this day.” — Ya_Boi_Henry_Clay

7. We were being targeted for a robbery by bandits

“I was on a 15 hour bus trip from the Yucatan to Chiapas in Mexico with my family. It was late at night, and after several hours of driving we stopped at a gas station to go the bathroom, grab snacks, etc. It would have been like any other trip, however I noticed there was an unusual amount of police. When we got back on the bus, the driver informed us that the police had received a tip that our bus was being targeted for a robbery by Mexican bandits. They would escort us.

We drove and drove for hours up a nauseatingly winding road, on the side of a cliff. One police truck in front of us, and one behind us, armed to the 9’s. I was on high alert, but after a while I dozed off. That was, until the bus came to an abrupt stop. I remember peering out the front window, and seeing a series of large rocks placed strategically across the road. Everything was dark, save these rocks being illuminated by the bus lights.

If the police hadn’t been there, this is what would have went down:

Step 1: Bus driver disembarks, tries to remove rocks.

Step 2: Mexican bandits kill bus driver, or holds hostage.

Step 3: Bandits board bus.

Step 4: Rob, Rape, Kill.

I was 17 years old, white looking female, (I’m a halfie, and the rest of my family is Mexican, or looks full Mexican) and even then I knew what would have happened to me. Kidnapping for ransom would definitely not have been out of the question, and rape a high guarantee. We were in the middle of nowhere on a bloody fucking mountain. If the policia weren’t there, would I be here to tell this story? Probably not.” — _bananas

8. Someone broke into our house

“When I was 3, our home was broken into. The burglar stole money off of my parent’s dresser, and then went into my room and just stared over my sleeping body. I woke up and saw him. My father watched him from his bedroom while calling the police. When the burglar left and the police were there with the lights on, his footprints were in the shag carpet.

This is my earliest memory.” — airhornsman

9. I fell into an open storm sewer

“I’ve got one. In college I worked security for extra money. One of my regular assignments was the overnight shift at a metal fabrication factory. One of the primary reasons I was there was to ensure that no one broke in to steal all the valuable metal that was stocked on site (which was an occasional problem). That, in turn, involved checking the perimeter fence for damage at least once a shift. That couldn’t be done effectively by camera; it instead required physically walking the fence. So it was that one night I was walking the perimeter fence in the middle of a thunderstorm. My attention was on the beam of my flashlight illuminating the fence as I walked past. So, I wasn’t really focused on where I was walking, despite walking through grass that was a bit over my waist.

Apparently I just stepped awkwardly on a patch of particularly slick grass or mud as I was heading down hill, but before I knew what was happening I had slid feet first into an open storm sewer. Some asshole had stolen the manhole cover recently and the edges around the opening were wet with rain and mud thanks to the storm.

Let me just take a moment to explain this storm sewer. First off, it was shaped just like an oubliette. If you’re not familiar with what that is, picture a concrete cell that is shaped like a jug – a small opening at the top with sides that slope inward to prevent someone from crawling out. In this case the bottom was maybe 10ft square and the opening for the manhole was about twice the normal width in the center of the ceiling. There was no ladder attached and the fall was maybe 20 feet down. At the bottom the floor was sloped to form two trenches, in the shape of a cross. There were sewer channels going off in 4 directions, but they were only maybe a foot wide across and were blocked with metal grates. At the bottom, there were debris, including a number of large broken pieces of rebar. There were several pieces that were pointing straight up. I definitely would have impaled myself on several jagged points of rusty metal, had I hit the bottom. So, no way to escape, a long fall and a probable disabling injury at the bottom.

I somehow caught myself by hooking the edge of the opening on my elbow as I fell in. I dropped my flashlight to the bottom of the pit before I stopped my momentum, so I had a great view of all that broken rebar below me while I was struggling to escape (maybe that was the collapsed remains of the ladder?). As I tried to get another handhold, my cell phone skipped out of my pocket and hit the bottom.

It felt like forever before I somehow pulled myself out of that opening. I don’t doubt adrenaline gave me a considerable boost of strength, but even so, I nearly lost my hold on the edge three times before I managed to scramble out. I was kinda just jerking my knees towards the opening and “jumping” a couple inches thanks to the momentum. My free hand kept scrambling for something solid to grab but I never really found anything. I’m honestly not sure how exactly I pulled myself out just using the surface tension between the mud & concrete and my hands & forearm. It felt like a miracle.

All I could think of after I pulled myself out was how I wasn’t due to be relieved for another seven hours, seven hours before anyone would even start wondering where I was and that whole time I might have been trapped at the bottom of a pit, impaled on some rods of rebar, in the rain. I also wanted to kill whoever stole that manhole cover.” — TheLagDemon

10. We had a strong sense we needed to leave the house

“So, this happened senior year of high school. My best friend and I were at her house (which was way up in one of the canyons and she had a long, windy driveway). We had been there all day and her mom had gone out and she and I were supposed to go meet a couple friends in Hollywood that night.

Anyways, we had been goofing around all day and watching scary movies at whatnot and we started to get ready. Her bathroom had one of those his/her double sink deals so she was near one and I was at the other. All of a sudden I got the creepiest feeling, like, all of the hair on my arms stood up and I had this sudden feeling of panic. To this day it is the most terrified I have ever been. I was putting on eyeliner when it happened and I caught her eye in the mirror and said, “We need to leave. Right now.”

I thought she would be like, what? you’re being ridiculous or what have you, but instead she said, “I know.” My blood ran cold when she said it. We left so quickly that we just grabbed what was in front of us. We booked it out of her house and down the driveway (which we weren’t supposed to be on bc her mom had just had it repaved) and her car was parked down on the street. We rounded the curve in the driveway and there was an SUV parked dead center in the middle of the street without its lights on. Suddenly, the lights turned on full blast, the SUV blared its horn and took off. We scrambled the rest of the way down (totally ruining the new paving) and were getting into her car and calling the police when her mom pulled up right behind us.

To this day, I do not know if it was a robber or what, but the fact that she and I both got the sense of dread at the exact same time creeps me out to no end.” — Kasparian

11. There were footprints leading up to my window

“Some years back now, my mom went on a vacation with a friend of hers to Florida or somewhere for a week and a half during the winter, so I was alone at home for the time and took advantage of it by setting up my consoles on the big living room TV. One night it was snowing, and throughout the night I felt really uncomfortable. Granted, this was day 6 of 11 and I’ve never actually been alone in the house for that long before, so I just chalked it up to loneliness. The snow stopped sometime in the middle of the night, I went to sleep on the couch around 2am.

Next morning, plows came down the street and cleared them up as usual. I had left to pick up some stuff at the store down the street, but I stopped almost immediately when I got off my porch. There were footprints in the snow leading up to the large bay window on the side of the house, a set leading towards, and away. The ones leading in were slightly filled from snowfall, then there were two footprints positioned right next to the ‘far’ corner of the window, close to the rear porch and some largish bushes, that were finely detailed and pointed toe towards the wall. Someone had been standing outside the window for a while, at least, staring into my house, and left when the snow stopped. The tracks started and ended at the street, so where they came from and where they went afterwards were destroyed by the plows.

I have since bought large tint sheets to cover said window, hung thick, dark curtains, and rearranged furniture to cover the entire bottom 1/3 of the entire window length. Fuck that shit ever again, I’m a 31 year old man and the idea of someone just staring into my house through the windows gives me the kind of tense anxious horror I felt when I almost fell off a 15′ cliff. I can’t even sit by windows at night without fully closing curtains.” — Ruinga

12. I watched my dog get hit by a car

“Watching my big dog get hit by a car and go flying through the air WHILE my neighbor’s bigger dog got ran over and tumbled again and again by the same car at the same time. Bumpers were ripped off and pieces of the exhaust were all over the road. I was 10 years old, home alone and had to run into my neighbor’s house to tell them their dog was unconscious and lying in a pool of blood. P.s. both dogs lived, but it was a long recovery for both. I was standing in front of the oncoming car, on the side of the road. It’s burned in my memory.” — PMyouMooningME

13. An escaped criminal walked into our house

“I was around 8/9 and my and my sisters rooms were upstairs in our house and my parents room was downstairs. This particular night I was sick and my parents let me sleep on the couch in the living room. Somewhere around 3/4a.m. I remember waking up because I heard someone come in the front door (which opens directly into the living room). I remember opening my eyes to see someone walking through the living room and into the kitchen. And I seemingly fell back asleep for a few minutes, the next thing I knew I was woken up to red & blue lights flashing through the house. Then I hear my dad & moms hushed whispers and dad arguing with what sounded like another man. Again young me, just fell back asleep. Come to find out the next morning. Apparently a man who was fleeing the cops had pulled into our driveway, and walked into our house (!!!!) and was trying to convince my dad to tell the cops he was his dad and this was his house. Uh yah dad def did NOT do that and guy ended up in jail.” — karmar13

14. I pointed a loaded gun at myself

“When I was a kid, I was rummaging around in the basement and found a gun. I, like a moron, pointed it at myself and almost pulled the trigger not thinking. I was young, maybe I thought it was a toy, I cant be sure. I stopped cause I heard something upstairs, stashed the gun back where I found it. A few years later I went and looked at the gun, it hadnt moved from where I put it, and it was in fact loaded.

There was also a time when I was 13, I was swimming in the lake and pushed off of the bottom to come back up for air. My foot slipped between tree roots and I couldnt reach the surface. The most chilling part for me was my fingertips were barely skimming the surface tension of the water. I was terrified, and after a few seconds of kicking and panic, I swam downwards and pried the roots off my foot.

Im still afraid of drowning.” — Canadian_Toast

15. A ghost haunted our house

“When I was young enough to still be in a crib, my room and my parents’ room were mirror images separated by a wall. When i got older, I moved upstairs and the wall was knocked down to make a true master bedroom. My dress clothes were stored in the closet in what had been my room. For some reason, every time I used to go in there looking for something, my heart would start racing and I would get really scared for no real reason and run out of there as quickly as i could. When I tried to think and figure out what made me feel this way, I would get this image in my head of being in the dark staring at the closet and fire dancing around the room. One time, my mom noticed how anxious I was coming out of her room and asked me what was wrong. When I told her, the color ran from her face and she asked me, “You remember?” I didn’t know what she was talking about so she explained. While I was still in the crib, I used to wake my parents crying just about every night, telling them that there was a man in the closet and he wanted us to leave. After this had been going on for weeks and weeks, she started asking me questions about him. When she asked me who the man was, I told her “Bill.” That freaked her the fuck out. Before we moved in, the house had belonged to her great-uncle Bill. When he was elderly, he had a live-in assistant who it turns out was actually a burglar who was robbing the houses in the neighborhood. I guess Bill started to figure it out because eventually the guy tied him to the bed, robbed the house and set the house on fire before running out. He eventually got caught but Bill burned to death. After learning the name, my mom said she basically said out loud “Uncle Bill, this is (my mom), we live here now, this is my son duke0fvandal5 and you’re scaring him. We’re going to take good care of your house so please leave us be.” After that I slept through the night with no problem and that was the last we heard of the man in the closet.” — duke0fvandal5

16. I looked into my rapist’s eyes

“To be honest… mine was looking into my rapist’s eyes right before he attacked me. He had been a friend of mine before that, and I thought I knew him well… but in that moment, he just looked so eerily inhuman. His expression was this weird mix of completely blank and kind of manic. You know in Jaws, that line about how the shark had doll’s eyes? That’s what it looked like. If that makes any sense. I can’t describe how unnerving it is to look at someone and just know they intend to do you imminent harm.

My mother’s story, however, is probably closer to what this thread is looking for. When she was probably 16, she was babysitting for one of her neighbors after dark one night, in a quiet suburban/residential area in a small town. She heard a knock on the door, which came as a surprise because she hadn’t expected the parents to be home that early, so she called out, “who is it?” and got no response but another knock. Confused, she went to the door and looked through the peephole, only to find that she couldn’t see anyone there. But as she was looking, there was another knock…but it sounded low on the door.

Well, this house had an upstairs window that overlooked the front stoop, so she very carefully tiptoed up there, leaving the lights off, and looked down. There was a strange man crouched down off to the side of the front door, waiting for her to open it. She said she called the police, but he took off before they could get there, probably thinking nobody was home.

Before hearing this story, I had always wondered why my mom was so adamant about always checking who it was before you opened the door.” — pdxemf

17. Her uncle was sexually abusive

“I was five or six, and I was spending the night at a new friend’s house. It might have been my first sleepover ever. Her name was Tammy, and her uncle was babysitting us. I was there maybe 30 minutes when he had us climb on his lap to look at pictures. I didn’t know what I was looking at, got scared, and ran home. I didn’t know to tell my mom what had happened.

The blood chilling part was the way she got on his lap and looked at pictures (which I still don’t remember– hair and body parts I didn’t have or recognize) as if she did it all the time. Which I bet she did.” — Chickiepie

18. My mother died as I dialed 911

“On April 18th of this year, I came home from work and began working on some homework. After 30 mins of homework my aunt entered my mother’s bedroom and began screaming hysterically, ordering me to call 911. Once I was on the line with the operator, she asked what the nature of my emergency was. I didn’t quite know so I entered my mother’s bedroom to find her dead of a heart attack and laying face down on the floor, wedged between her night stand and her bed. The operator dispatched the paramedics and instructed me on how to perform CPR. In order to do so, I had to flip my mother onto her back. When I grabbed my mother’s cold, lifeless arm I realized that she couldn’t be moved as she was wedged firmly between her bed and her night stand and rigor mortis had already set in. I was unable to flip her over and I had never seen or touched a dead body before. After the paramedics came and told me that nothing could be done, the medical examiner informed my family that she couldn’t be seen as she had been laying on her face for so long. It’s assumed by my family that she hit her head on the way down as her dentures were on the floor beside her. The combination of her head trauma and the fact that she had been dead for many hours had rendered her ‘un-viewable’ as deemed by the officer from the medical examiner’s office. To answer your question, the sight and feeling of my mother’s deceased body is the most chilling thing that I have ever seen.” — char21

19. A rapist used to work on our playground

“I feel like this will get buried but when I was in primary school this old man used to work on the play ground. He’d just monitor the children and make sure everything was okay. He’d always invite me over for dinner and used to talk about his wife who was at home waiting for him to get back. He used to tell me about his dogs and say that I could feed them treats if I met them. I used to beg my mum to let me go to his house and she would always outright refuse. I was bummed because his house sounded fun and I wanted to meet his dogs but my mum’s word was the law so I got over it. He somehow found out my address and sent me a Christmas card one year. Fast forward to when I’m in secondary school and his name is all over the paper. Sentenced for raping a six year old girl. It also turned out that his wife had died years ago. I was only eight when I knew him but I still remember what he looked like and I’ll always be glad that my mum was so protective.” — qvickslvr

20. We escaped from a car we shouldn’t have gotten into

“I was in Vegas last year with my brother, we both like to party hard, still in our 20’s. Walking down the strip, I see two black guys with backpacks on, I know what that means, I say “Damn, wish we had some weed.” They immediately turn around, and offer us other things as well, and we took down his number to get other things later in the night.

Hours later, after tons and tons of booze and stuff, we call this guy up for more. When we met these two guys, they were on foot, the second time though we had to meet them in front of a hotel because they were driving, so he tells us to hop in for a few so we can get what we need without people watching.

Now at this point, my brother and I are fucked up, and don’t realize what’s happening until it starts to get dark, we had only been driving for 10 minutes but we were obviously off the strip, away from the lights, people, anything. This guy is driving like a goddamn maniac, with music blasting so it was a bit distracting. My brother finally asks them where we’re going, they say we’re heading to a liquor store real quick and then they’ll drop us back off, but it seems like we’re in the middle of nowhere.

Finally realizing the situation we’re in, we open the doors while we’re stopped at a light and run to the only thing we see, a gas station. We flag down a cab that drove by a few minutes later, which he says is illegal but we were obviously in need of help. After we told him what happened, he calmly tells us, ‘There is no liquor store over here…’

It was the worst and best feeling ever, we narrowly escaped god knows what, and stayed silent for the rest of the night.” — DeerLicksBadger

21. My mother had a violent stalker

“My mom had a stalker for years. She was maybe in her early 30’s, I was about 3 and my brother was around 1 when this started. My dad would leave for work in the morning, and as soon as he was gone, the calls would start coming in. She’d answer the phone and some guy would be saying all this horribly sadistic and sexual things about what he wanted to do to my mom. She was beyond frightened and didn’t know what to do. Sometimes the caller would describe what she was wearing at that very minute or describe what she was doing. My parents were struggling financially so they couldn’t just up and move but my mom started spending more and more time at my dad’s mother’s house when he was away. The cops got involved but they couldn’t trace the call.

Finally, they were able to save up enough money to move (I was about 6 by this time.) The phone number was changed and unlisted in the phone book (this was around 1988 when everyone still used landlines.) My mom never got another scary phone call but she had nightmares about it for years. When I was little, I remember going into her bedroom in the morning and she would be sobbing into her pillow. I didn’t understand it at that point but she explained later in life that she’d wake up from a nightmare and just shake and cry.

A couple months after we had moved, the cops informed us that they finally caught the guy. It was our next door neighbor’s 19 year old son. He had been in the military but was discharged due to severe mental illness. I guess he was put into some sort of special security home that specializes in mental health. The lead investigator said that the son was obsessed with my mother and they found a box in his room full of a bunch of photographs candidly taken of her when she was out in the garden or playing with us kids in the yard.

It chills me to the bone when I think about it now. Anything could’ve happened to my mother when my dad was at work and Id be too young to help her.” — buttononmyback

22. I saw the aftermath of my father’s tragic death

“Seeing the after math of blood and matter of my father’s tragic death. He was hit by a car while walking and killed instantly. Got to the scene as fast as I could, his body was already bagged but everything else remained, his clothing that literally scraped off of him as he was drug down the street, shoes, and miscellaneous things that were in his pockets. Fucked me up for a long time. It’s been 3 years and I’m doing alright now, I can finally talk about it… but I went into a very dark place those first 2 yrs.” — VanillaSkyy

23. I heard a woman screaming bloody murder

“I used to take care of a developmentally disabled man in a community protection program. He had to be kept away from people because of his sudden violent outbursts. His parents were rich and bought an old farm house on 10 acres or so about 4 miles out of town, so that he could be away from the public and not forced into a psych ward. For four years I worked there on a 56-Hour shift – come in on Sunday evening and leave Wednesday afternoon. There were two of us on these shifts and we were both supposed to be there the entire 56hrs, but because we were the most senior “trainers” on staff we’d take turns going home on one/two of the nights.

After three years of being in that house I had become comfortable with it, despite it being so isolated and overall kind of creepy. I would always stay up and watch TV until around midnight (my client was always locked in his room around 8pm). One night, about 12:15am I turned the TV off and pulled the covers over myself to try and get some sleep on the nastiest futon ever. There was one window in the “Staff Room” and it faced the back of the property, and was about 6 feet off the ground. I had just started drifting to sleep when I heard the most blood curdling woman’s scream from right outside the window. I popped up so fast that I nearly lost consciousness and had to steady myself in the doorway while the scream continued and then faded away. I grabbed a flashlight from the laundry room and threw open the back door illuminating the area outside the window and there was nothing. I ran along the perimeter of the house and saw NOTHING.

I watched the sun come up the next morning desperately glued to the TV trying to distract myself from what had happened. All of the people I worked with were much older than me, and there was no good reason to play a prank like that in the middle of January in Eastern Oregon. I’m sure there’s an explanation, but it bothers me to this day.” — michaelnpdx

24. My dog attacked a man that stepped on our property

“I was 8 and woke up to an explosion of dog barks and screams coming from our back yard then the screams trailing down the street. We get outside and my dog is chewing on a bloody shoe and a bit of gym shorts were hanging off the backyard fence. We call the cops they investigate. From the foot prints they could see the guy tried every window with my dog following, when he got to mine my dog went full attack mode. The guy was pick up that night on a unrelated charge but they put 2 and 2 together later and charged him. My dog allowed them to collect the gym shorts but that shoe was his. He was happy and let the cops pet him as much as they liked, animal control the next day when they drew a little blood for a rabies test, that shoe though was his.” — tdasnowman

25. A man was hiding in our backyard

“When I was sixteen, my parents went out of town for a weekend. It was actually pretty sweet because I got to be “king of the castle” for the weekend. So I get home that Friday night and just dick around (internet, video games, etc.) and start watching TV around dusk. The way our living room was set up was that there was a set of glass doors right next to the television that looked out to the back porch/backyard. The backyard was surrounded by ivy that grew on a hill around a 45 degree angle. So I’m just mindlessly channel surfing and I see some movement outside. At first I just dismiss it thinking it’s a bird or a neighborhood cat or something, but I then notice that whatever is moving is WAY bigger than a bird or a cat. I go and put my face near the glass and stare into the backyard– and there’s some dude just crouching in the ivy looking into the house. Our eyes meet and he has somewhat of an ‘oh shit!’ moment and BOLTS out of our yard. Scared the shit out me.” — Born2dodishes

26. A slightly threatening stranger approached me

“About 10 years ago, I took my dog out for a short walk. We lived in a run-down but historic part of town-old houses that are either beautifully maintained, abandoned, or generally going to shit. There was a good mix of people in that neighborhood. Anyway, walking the dog, I get about three or four houses down and stop at the corner while Pony sniffs some grass or whatever. I turn around and suddenly there is a man standing waaayyyy too close to me. No idea where he came from-I’m usually very aware of my surroundings and Pony HATED strange men. I stumbled a few steps back. I immediately had this absolute bone-chilling sick feeling. He asked me,’Is that a pitbull?’ and I replied yes. Then he said, ‘Oh, she’ll protect you.’ At this point, my body flooded with adrenaline and I turned to run back to my house. I saw my mom standing on the porch and thought to yell to her. She had no reason to come out on the porch, I honestly think she had a bad feeling. I don’t know what good me yelling really did, but it was all I could think to do. Like, hey, look, I’m over here! I’ve never had such a flight response before or since that encounter.” — Noneverdid TC mark 

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