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October 17, 2016

28 Internet Addicts Reveal The Most Disturbing Thing They’ve Accidentally Found Online

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What is the issue?
Be careful when you surf the web. Just like these users on Ask Reddit, you might stumble across something disturbing that you’ll never be able to erase from your mind.
Unsplash, Jay Wennington
Unsplash, Jay Wennington

1. Photographs of a woman’s corpse

“When I was younger I would frequent and and just go through and see the darker side of the world. Yes, everything on those sites was fucked up but the worst was a album on titled ‘Dead Blonde.’ The first picture showed a naked corpse on a table as if she were about to be embalmed. Her skin was green and her hair was yellow. Bright colors for a dead lady. Anyway, I went to the the next picture, and it was taken at an angle where it looked like she was looking at the camera. It was so fucking scary to see these dead eyes staring into my soul. I couldn’t sleep for a few days after that.” — YouCanCallMeQueenB

2. A man getting beheaded

“I once stumbled across a video of a guy tied down getting his head cut off on /r/gore. The guy was praying while it was happening and the sound of his throat was horrifying. The mental image of the man who beheaded the guy holding his severed head by its hair still haunts me to this day. I have no idea why I watched that video to the end.” — SneakGeekXII

3. Hacked webcams that no one knew about

“I was on Reddit sometime last fall/winter and I stumbled upon a link to a website that was a map of the world with click-able areas. When cities were clicked on, it opened up a window displaying somebody’s webcam… only it didn’t appear they were aware of it. I clicked on a few to see what it was all about and there were just people watching tv with their webcam broadcasting their living room activities over the internet. One was a baby sleeping in a crib. Most were empty rooms. It was super creepy. I tried looking for the post to link it, but I didn’t find it immediately and I don’t really feel like searching for it.” — disastermarch35

4. Maggots stuffed into a vagina

“A girl that keeps a blog about putting maggots in her vagina. Even though she almost died from it, she kept doing it, and she describes the experiences very detailed. It made me literally feel sick.” — Miir

5. A video of a tortured puppy

“A ‘friend’ asked me to watch a video to support the anti-fur campaign. I thought it would be propaganda and paint thrown on models – the usual.

Nope, it opens with a dog having its fur ripped off whilst still alive, then a close up of it’s shaking dying skinless face.

It was highly effective in me supporting the anti-fur campaign, but also in never talking to that friend again and never sharing the video further. I wouldn’t wish that video on anyone. There are ways to raise awareness and that isn’t it.” — ibringyoufact

6. A video of a woman dying

“The video of the brick going through the window when a family is driving and it kills the wife. His voice when he realizes…” — notthecolemanyouknow

7. A video of a man bleeding

“That video of the dude putting a glass jar up his ass and it shattering then watching him pull the shards out while blood pours from the gaping wound. OMG!” —  [deleted]

8. A gore manga

“A gore manga known as Mai-Chan’s Daily Life. A newborn baby gets fucked and then thrown into a blender.” — FatToenails

9. People dying from an indoor fire

“The club fire where all these people are trapped inside. You can hear them screaming for help as they burn to death. I think Great White was playing and a pyro technic caught the stage on fire. The vid is on YouTube somewhere. It’s horrific.” — chunkylilman

10. A guide for sneaking in explosives

“I was trying to make a small explosive for a dumb little movie I was gonna make with my friends. I found myself in the dark corners of the internet. One site in particular had a txt document download with talking about how to sneak explosives past metal detectors. NSA is probably all over me right now.” — sundancekid801

11. Audio of Jim Jones

“A couple years ago, I stumbled on a site that had about an hour of audio of Jim Jones cajoling his Jonestown followers to commit suicide. The whole time there’s this weird music playing in the background and you can hear babies and children crying. Totally creepy and morbid.” — TheBrewer

12. A video of my Facebook photos

“Take this lollipop. I heard about it around Halloween last year. It was a screen with a lollipop on it. I clicked it and it made me allow access to my Facebook. I allowed it and it took me to a video. The video started as a creepy, shaky guy sitting in a chair next to his computer, typing away. Then it lets me look at the screen, and what do I see? My Facebook account. Meh, okay. But then the guy started going through my pictures, my statuses, my messages. He kept acting weirder and weirder. Then he drives with my profile picture taped to the dashboard of his truck, he gets out, and then it says that my cousin is next.

And I swear I saw my street sign in the background.” — xiPlayWithCrayons

13. A creepy message on my computer screen

“Once I was browsing through reddit I don’t remember exactly what subreddit I was on or what thread but I remember someone leaving a link to a website. Nothing else was said in the comment. I clicked on it and when I did my screen became staticky and it said, “It’s too late” in black text then it showed my IP. Immediately after this my browser crashed.” — OppaWumboStyle

14. A group bragging about HIV

“Probably that post about all those HIV positive guys fantasizing about infecting HIV free people. There was also a few people fantasizing about being infected… scary shit.” — ASSUMPTION_NOT_FACT

15. A fetish page with my dad’s photo

“I found my dad’s profile on a bondage fetish page. I wasn’t looking on the page myself, I was going through the temporary files to delete where I was looking up how to make a gravity bong.

Fun in dysfunctional, Eh? Lol.” — DestructOSmashuh

16. A video I’d seen in my dream

“Some time ago I had fallen asleep after smoking a joint, and had a dream I was in a house, walking around with a flashlight. Seemed like a normal weird dream to me at the time. The next morning I was browsing Reddit and found a video a guy had made mocking first person shooter games in which the guy had left his xbox at his ex girlfriend’s house and needed to retrieve it. It seemed interesting and funny so I watched it. It started to get weird when the first part of the house was identical to the house in my dream. A few rooms and a hallway later, I was standing halfway across my room with my hands cupped over my mouth, watching the computer screen from there. Every part of the house was the same. I don’t know what happened or how it happened.” — [deleted]

17. Child pornography

“Browsing an internet forum when suddenly child porn. I was freaked the hell out. I thought my IP would suddenly be flagged and the cops would be knocking on my door. I’ve never been so disgusted and scared in my life.”  — [deleted]

18. Rape videos

“When you find real rape videos when you were just looking for fake ones.” — mahgeet

19. Child porn and rape torture

“Look up the hidden wiki, and then realize there is legitimate child porn and rape and torture content ALL OVER the deep web. Fucking terrifying. They have live cams too. I couldn’t sleep for a month after a little browsing.” — 1upped

20. A fetus being abused

“The other day on /r/4chan when the top post was someone who had a miscarried fetus that they were smashing against the wall. I got downvoted for saying that it was wrong.” — PartyPoison98

21. A baby on a WebCam site

“I am a WebCam Model on a really popular site,so one day not too long ago I was on a forum for other Camming Girls (we chat,gossip exchange recipes,bitch and support each other) and someone posted a screenshot of a woman using a baby as her profile as a bio pic and her tagline was super pedo creepy and catch this weirdo shit out… The bitch had a baby ON CAM, like she was showing customers the baby (most were repulsed). Instantly my Nancy Drew-ness came out, I flipped my shit for a bit (cried and smoked a bowl then I called the fuzz (FBI and The Center for Missing and Exploited Children) to report it.

Come too find out it is a Studio, and they were involved with bad bad things… I saved a baby from being abused by sadistic freaks.” — TwerkingTwatface

22. Online forums glorifying death

“I remember at some point a few people in the usual facebook channels were going crazy about “Zyzz” which confused the fuck out of me. Turns out he was some sort of body builder with an in-no-way-out-of-proportion-or-cultish following. Mostly among men. Entirely among men. I’ve yet to meet a woman who’s heard of him, but apparently his sexual charisma was such that men became deeply entranced by him. Again, never heard a woman’s opinion on this.

(Aside: There are few things gayer than heterosexual men, and I say that with my authority as a gay man).

This being the internet, the fan club wasn’t the weird part. The weird part was that my attempts to understand why he was so popular led me to a site whose entire purpose was the discovery and discussion of attractive dead people. The comments ranged from “so sad he had to go” to the more disturbing “mmm I wish I could have been there.” One more click and I landed in a website that wasn’t just a forum, but hosted all sorts of videos for the discerning necrophiliac. You had your videos of bodies decomposing, your action shots of people dying in erotic situations, or you know other situations if that’s what you’re in the mood for. These I avoided, but I’ll admit that I indulged in the forums, where people would post the deaths of celebrities, or just obituaries, and sort-of, kind-of “talk.”

Honestly, the internet is a fucked up place full of fucked up things, but the forums of that site were full of that kind of entrancing train-wreck-can’t-turn-away-oh-god-not-the-collision sort of conversation that made me very sick. It was like everyone was talking to themselves in the most serial killer-ish way, about how wonderful death was and how exciting the whole situation was and what sex would be like pre-vs-post-mortem.

And if there’s one thing that creeps me out it’s online forums not being used as tools for stimulating discussion.

Sadly for those of you hoping that I came out of this with new found respect for some dark fetish festering inside my soul, I regret to inform you that I remain an unsalted saltine of sexuality.” — BananaMammogram

23. A psychic comment thread

“There was a comment thread on reddit one time that went like this (every comment was by a different user):

‘This is all a dream, please, you need to wake up.’

‘Please WAKE UP.’

Everyone needs to wake up.’

‘Especially you.’

At this point I had the option to ‘load more comments (1 reply)


My name is Kevin. It scared the shit out of me.” — FUCK_THEECRUNCH

24. A naked teenager’s dead body

“Someone posted on reddit a photograph of a naked dead 14-year-old girl in the morgue. I hope whoever took that photo is spending a long time in a jail cell.” — CedricCicada

25. A jump scare video

“I did an online color blindness test some years ago. After several trials on the test, suddenly there was a ghost screaming on the screen. Really tricky prank test…” — HXZ

26. A picture of a dead child

“I frequented a political Facebook group full of trolls and extremists for a while. Even befriended a bonafied Communist because I enjoyed the debates.

Then he posted a picture from Syria of a distraught man holding up his dead child, who was covered in dust and had a gaping hole in his deformed head…

Saw it at work, and disturbed me so much that I think my mind actually managed to mostly scrub the image from memory.

I immediately left the group, unfriended, and blocked the guy who posted that. That wasn’t my first time seeing a crazy person posted something like that on Facebook either.

I have a relative who believes our politicians are space lizards. We had many fruitless debates… the kind that makes you feel embarrassed for them and yourself.

She had posted a picture of a rotting rape/attack victim to make some kind of point. She was also doing some other stuff that I won’t get into, and suffice it to say me, and some other family members aren’t speaking to her anymore.

Before all that, I was searching for political stuff and found a so-called conservative blog. The writer was some kind of super-racist, who believed we should kill all middle easterners. On his banner was a picture from Iraq of a guy with his head blown apart.

Things like that really disturb me. I might be afraid of the people that revel in that kind of imagery. Are they lacking so much in sympathy and respect that they’d post such things? Are they eager to produce “original content” of that sort someday? I don’t tend to stick around long enough to find out.”  — howitzer86

27. A forum meant for cannibals

“The cannibal forum on the deep web. I have a horrible fear of being eaten so maybe it’s not so bad, but reading people being described being cooked and picked apart with eating utensils freaks me the fuck out.” — Material_Defender

28. Nudes

“Found my mom’s nude pictures.” — WhereMyDaughter TC mark

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