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I just like to write because I always have a dream of becoming the next big thing.

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You don’t know everything yet especially the future if it still wants you in it, but the fact that you get to be confused and still choose for yourself to the point of delaying something your parents really want for you in life is already a testament of you trying.

Okay don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that being passionate is wrong, it’s not. But if we truly want to do something, you need to seek for a reason. Reason is like a necessity. We all live for a reason. You live for your parents, or for your dreams, career, and so on.

I must not see your mouth — its curve, and color-me-red whisper in the wind caressing my ears every night because when you do leave, your whisper will haunt me. My body will become haunted by your ghost.

Everything will be okay even it seems like the darkest hour of your life. Do not worry now. You are going to be fine. You’ll find your way to our arms. You’ll soon feel our warmth; the taste of our lips; and the infinite possibilities of being loved in return.

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