10 Actors Who Are Creepers In Everything

Mar. 20, 2013
Gaby Dunn is a writer, journalist and comedian in New York City. She is an editor at Thought Catalog and a ...

1. Michael Emerson

He was Ben on “LOST” — the ultimate creeper that you kind of sort of root for. And then in every other show and movie he plays a total weirdo or freak. If you see Michael Emerson in something, you know he’s about to do something creepy and sneaky. PS: One time my aunt saw him eating at a restaurant in Boston and told him he scared the shit out of her. He said thank you.

2. Willem Defoe

I’ve heard some women are into Willem Defoe, but I can’t see it. His face was born to play creepy roles, but he also looks sort of friendly? I can’t quite place it. He’s an ace at playing villains but you also like him. Confusing.

3. Crispin Glover

I mean, he played Willard. A guy surrounded by rats. Need I say more?

4. Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy is so handsome to me, and yet he looks so dangerous and murderous. From “Red Eye” to “Batman Begins,” he’s really great at being simultaneously charming and creepy. He’s a good-looking guy but he somehow manages to escape being a “pretty boy” by being great at acting like a villain.

5. Tobin Bell

He’s from the “Saw” franchise, as the crazy scary Jigsaw. He also played the Unabomber in a made-for-TV movie about the Unabomber. He’s just got one of those creeptastic faces.

6. John Malkovich

The king of weirdos! John Malkovich also has a great face for playing creeps and wackjobs. He’s known for being eccentric and for playing eccentric characters. Look at that face! That voice! So creepy!

7. Robert Knepper

This guy played a white supremacist and rapist on “Prison Break” so convincingly it’s hard to see him as anything else. In a good way? He’s a really good actor and really good at being creepy and scary. He was also a villain in “Transporter 3.” We all saw that movie, right?

8. Jackie Earle Haley

Jackie Earle Haley is the best. He was so creepy in “Little Children.” Then, was morally ambiguous and bizarre in “Watchmen.” He was dark as hell in “Winter’s Bone.”* He was made to play scary characters. It’s what he’s best at, and he should keep doing it. (OH MY GOD THAT WAS JOHN HAWKES. I AM THE WORST. ADD JOHN HAWKES TO THIS LIST AND TAR AND FEATHER ME PLEASE.)

9. William Fichtner

I had to look up this guy’s name because he’s one of those character actors you know they call whenever they need someone villainous but he’s not super famous. William Fichtner plays every amoral, creepy villain ever. Good work, man.

10. Christoph Waltz

Controversial choice since he’s so cute and cuddly in real life, but I will never get over his portrayal of the Nazi in “Inglorious Basterds.” Never. That shit with the whipped cream was scarring.

PS: No Buscemi. Too obvious. TC mark

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Gaby Dunn

Gaby Dunn

Gaby Dunn is a writer, journalist and comedian in New York City. She is an editor at Thought Catalog and a …

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