12 Women Joss Whedon Made Me Find Attractive

Dec. 6, 2012
Gaby Dunn is a writer, journalist and comedian in New York City. She is an editor at Thought Catalog and a ...

1. Charisma Carpenter

Cordelia Chase, the shallow, popular cheerleader, eventually becomes one of the links between Buffy and Angel and an all-around essential, well-rounded character. Who’d have thunk? We knew she had depth when she started dating Xander (which…look at her, come on. Kind of a reach, buddy). Cordy, and Charisma, will always been one of the hottest Whedonistas.

2. Amy Acker

This bitch is flawless. I just find her face so striking for some reason. Plus: Fred. Claire Saunders. Whiskey. Illyria. Whatever. She’s the freaking cutest and a wonderful actress. I can not wait for Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing which she stars in. Love her. Love everything she does. The end.

3. Eliza Dushku

Obviously Joss loves her and why shouldn’t he? I remember watching her set the screen on fire as Faith in Buffy and she’s maintained some serious steam since then. I think Eliza Dushku actually made me realize I liked women. (And I’m sure there’s tons of bisexuals and lesbians out there who can say the same.) Does anyone play “bad” better than Dushku? Five by five.

4. Alyson Hannigan

Speaking of the gays, Willow is my girl forever, forever, ever. (TM Outkast) First of all, who doesn’t love a redhead? But secondly, she’s a fantastic actress who literally grew up before our eyes on screen — from a lovable nerd to a confident, independent witch. Willow might be my favorite Whedonverse character of all time. I’m just trying to become a lesbian Wiccan, mom! God, get off my back!

5. Dichen Lachman

I love Dichen Lachman’s look. She’s beautiful in this totally original and fascinating way — unlike other cookie-cutter actresses I’ve seen. She looks almost otherworldly. It’s really, really striking. On Dollhouse, she played so many different characters, which is a challenge for any actress and yet Dichen pulls it off week after week — going from sexy to sporty, in and out of different accents and personalities. She’s hot in such an interesting way. I love it.

6. Jewel Staite

What a cutie. Look at that smile! Those dimples! As Kaylee in Firefly, Jewel Staite is the emotional heart of the show. Because look at that cherubic face! Who could ever say “no” to that? But Kaylee’s no doll. She’s the ship’s mechanic, whip smart and confident. Wanna see a hot chick fix a spaceship? Got one right here.

7. Gina Torres

If I have to explain this to you, you might as well be dead. Just how…are you so pretty? How? I don’t understand. Gina Torres kicked butt as Zoe, but also…damn girl. She is so beautiful it almost does not compute. Luckily she’s married to my boy Wash…. Oh wait. WAAAAAH.

8. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Not my type but how can I leave her off this list? Buffy Summers is the iconic Whedon girl — cute and bubbly and yet strong and kick-ass. Don’t get me wrong. I think Buffy is an amazing, well-written character but I never found SMG to be sexually attractive. Maybe it’s just me?

9. Summer Glau

This girl certainly knows how to play crazy. Her performance as River Tam earned her a permanent place in my heart, but her adorable radiance earned her a place on this list. Summer Glau has become an ultimate nerd crush (even appearing as such on The Big Bang Theory) for similar reasons as to why I find Dichen Lichenden so pretty — this otherworldly, alien-esque beauty that is so interesting and appealing to the eye. In layman’s terms: She’s hot.

10. Olivia Williams

Can’t believe you were using Victor as a British doll-hooker, Adelle, because you are freaking gorgeous. That bone structure, the hair, the accent, the way she dresses, her commanding personality. Adelle DeWitt is not to be messed with. But she is nice to look at.

11. Emma Caulfield

Anya grew from a one-off to become maybe my second favorite Whedon woman ever. She is so cute! She looks like an angel. She even manages to look appealing dressed in a full-on bunny suit. Though Anya’s personality can be a bit abrasive, she is honest and loyal and would make anyone an amazing girlfriend.

12. Morena Baccarin

Flawless as Inara, and hooray, Homeland! Morena Baccarin is one of those people it actually kind of hurts to look at because she’s so super hot. It’s like unfair that a woman can actually look like that. Plus, you see her boobs on Homeland. Kthanksbyeeee.

Honorary mentions:

Miracle Laurie (Dollhouse): That ass. Is that wrong to say? Girl was working with something great. No disrespect.

Amber Benson (Buffy): Willow’s partner in hotness. I particularly love her big lips.

Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible): Another iconic Whedon redhead. She lost out to Willow though, just in my opinion. Still love her!

Laurel Holloman (Angel): Justine was so badass it feels crazy not to include her.

Robia LaMorte (Buffy): Jenny Calender didn’t only set Giles’ heart ablaze. Cyber pagans are sexy! TC Mark

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Gaby Dunn

Gaby Dunn

Gaby Dunn is a writer, journalist and comedian in New York City. She is an editor at Thought Catalog and a …

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