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Erin Sullivan is a writer, photographer, adventure trip leader and traveler.

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I want to be a person who forgives – who looks at the reasons why she hurts and lets them go because there is only so much we should carry every day.

We are really, really good at convincing ourselves that it’s not the right time. We are also really good at convincing ourselves that someday will be the right time. We wait for the weekend, for a raise, for things to fall into our laps. We think there will come a day when we’re 100% ready, when it’s comfortable, and when it is “right”.

Being alone in the unknown is never comfortable, and discomfort does things to us that ease and routine cannot. It pushes our buttons, forces us to confront ugly things we’d rather ignore, and teaches us about beauty and truth.

It is easy to glorify travel and adventure, but it’s not really fair to those experiences to end it at just that. In life and in travel, the times that challenged you are the same experiences that helped you grow – the ones that helped you move on into your next stage with as much grace as possible.

It’s messy. It’s clear and muddy at the same time. It’s the biggest paradox we’ll ever know. And it’s almost a guarantee that at some point in our lives, we’ll have a crazy run-in with love.

Travel is full of risk. And at times, you’ll feel inadequate, you’ll get lost, you’ll wonder why you put yourself in this situation to begin with. So let the guilt go– it’s not serving you. Feel what you’re feeling.

Let yourself off the hook. Great news: you don’t have to be for everyone, because no matter how hard you could possibly try, you never will be. It’s easy to feel like the ultimate goal is to be well-liked.