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October 18, 2016

Here’s What Happens When You Realize You’re The Subject Of An Extremely Embarrassing Meme

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Imagine going about your normal day scrolling through Facebook when you recognize a photo of yourself — as the subject of an extremely embarrassing meme.

That happened just 12 hours ago to a Facebook user I won’t name. This image of him was shared by the popular meme page Spicy Designer Memes along with the caption: “when u use ur shirt as a jizz rag and forget”.

Spicy Designer Memes
Spicy Designer Memes

The image had been shared over 400 times when the subject of the image commented: “Holy shit that’s actually me… I mean literally that’s me in the picture.”

A friend responded “LMAOO IT IS YOU” before asking for clarification about “Was that nutt”.

The subject of the meme clarified that he had “walked into a spiderweb” and said he felt “gross” that so many people had seen the image and asked if it could be taken down.


Wisely, a commenter told him “Sorry mate. once on the internet, always on the internet. On the bright side I doubt even 1% of the people who have seen this know it’s you. Apart from us who are looking at the comment where you said “This is me.'”

Unfortunately, they’re correct. A Google image search shows the meme has spread across the internet, including a Reddit thread that was upvoted over 4k times.

Poor guy. TC mark