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Dylan writes and lives in Seattle, WA.

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It’s three in the morning and I should have left hours ago. We are standing outside and it is noticeably cold. It is the end of September, the first night when summer officially becomes fall, and I am dressed like it’s still July.

The hashtag #SignsYoSonIsGay became very popular again. People tweeted all types of things. Some were horrible and hateful, like: “#SignsYoSonIsGay he’s a faggot.” Some are seemingly innocent, like: “#SignsYoSonIsGay he is gettin offended by this trending topic.”

I wake up late every day. No matter what I do, I wake up late. My snooze button is my best friend until I sit straight up and realize that 20 minutes ago was the latest I could possibly sleep and still make it to work on time.

His friend comes up to me and says, “You know we thought [ex-boyfriend] was dating a boy when you two went Facebook official. It was really funny… for us.”

Make sure this friend is whatever gender you are attracted to so there’s lots of room for sexual tension.

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