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19 year-old student and dog lover from Brooklyn, NY. I eat macaroni with a spoon.

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I constantly feel bad about myself. I feel bad that I’m not famous. I feel bad that I don’t go to a better college. I feel bad that I haven’t changed the world drastically in the past nineteen years of my existence.

But growing up in a small town in the Midwest really does grow on you. Moving away, you start to miss the little things (or in the Midwest’s case, not so little).

I didn’t understand why I was so different when I was eight, but I ignored how different I was and continued to pursue things that interested me like the children’s choir, church play etc.

I am not denying that such a short continuous playlist is actually retail torture (trust me, I never want to hear “We Found Love” ever again,) but finding ways to live with the playlist will give you a happier retail job experience.