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Living and laughing in New York. Lover of basketball, writing, and all things avocado.

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Human interaction and expression is laced with complications – it’s layered with the unspoken, overshadowed, and misinterpreted.

Lately I feel certain that if you don’t utilize whatever is churning inside of you, it will expire, and that is a tremendous waste.

We imagine things in grandeur, then the reality falls short and we’re deflated by the dissonance. But we shouldn’t be.

Most of the time, we’re distracted by what we don’t have, what isn’t working, what falls short. It’s kind of a shame that that’s what we’re more inclined to notice.

If you’re lucky enough to discover what you love, you have to hold on to it. You have to show up when it matters – despite fatigue, ambivalence, anxiety, and doubt.

It’s remembering how you felt in a moment, vividly. The same shivers on your skin, ripple through your veins, smile forming inadvertently. It’s reliving it but this time from the outside.

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