On The Heels Of @SeinfeldToday: @FreshPrinceNow

Dec. 12, 2012
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On The Heels Of @SeinfeldToday: @FreshPrinceNow
Following in the footsteps of @SeinfeldToday, @FreshPrinceNow has arrived. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air is a timeless show that to this day is heavily circulating multiple channels. It reached over 6,000 followers within a mere half hour, offering followers these first two tweets:

It seems like this has picked up steam fairly quickly and is set to gain a fan base of its own. For Fresh Prince lovers who still watch the show today and appreciate the way it’s aged, it’s great to see that the funky, fresh is back in the flesh with a vengeance. Well not actually in the flesh — but in the form of funny tweets. It’s always interesting when someone finds a way to take a nostalgic aspect of the past and bring it into the present. These hypothetical (often preposterous) episode synopsis’ are sure to earn their fair share of laughs and Retweets. TC Mark

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