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February 21, 2016

31 True Stories Of Grisly Encounters With Strangers To Remind You To Lock Your Doors Tonight

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Every day people post their nightmarish true stories to the Reddit group Lets Not Meet. If you’ve ever been curious about what kind of creeps are out there in the world, here are some of the most interesting recent posts.

“I could get more kills if I wanted to”

I went to middle and high school with a tall, skinny guy who I had occasional interactions with, but I always got a weird vibe from. In my senior year, I saw a Facebook post he made that said, “I bet I could get more kills than the Virginia Tech guy if I wanted to, but I don’t want to.” Despite him saying he didn’t want to, I found this concerning enough to report to the school.

Fast forward a couple months later, he was out of JJC and, to make a long story short, he had found out I reported him. We had apparently made peace after smoking weed with some mutual friends and it was enough for me to not expect getting jumped in the hallway at any time.

We both ended up going to a local college and I would see him around campus. Whenever he spotted me, we’d have these brief, awkward conversations about how life was going and I would try my best to stay polite while not sounding creeped out.

Then one day I was at McDonald’s with my roommate when I hear someone whisper in my ear, “I’m going to kill you someday.” I turned around to see him smile and wave at me before walking away.

I haven’t seen him since then, but I always stay alert for the next random moment where I’ll encounter him.

Robbed of my innocence

This still haunts me to this day. I remember it pretty vividly, and I consider myself to have a bad memory.
When I was 10, my mother needed to go to Wal-Mart to grab some groceries. Being the hard headed kid I was, I didn’t want to go inside so she let me stay in the car. I was reading a book and listening to music when all of a sudden an old beat up tan car parks next to me. I look over, and it’s some guy in his 50s. The guy then opens his car door, and he’s completely naked except for a trench coat. I freak out, and lock the doors. He begins to masturbate profusely while staring at me, and I just avoid eye contact. This goes on for about 10 until he finishes, and leaves.

My mom comes back about 20 minutes later, and I tell her what happened. She is pissed, and flags a security officer, but she didn’t know English so I don’t think it got through. My mom never left me alone in the car again until I was in my teens when I would just stay home. I also never found out any more information about him.