September 17, 2013

50 People On ‘The Darkest, Creepiest True Story That Terrifies Me To This Day’

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J.B. Hill
J.B. Hill

1. Surprise roomate


A 58 year old man living alone in Japan started hearing noises at night and noticing things out of place in his house. He installed video cameras. Turns out a homeless woman had been living in his attic and cupboards for almost a YEAR in his house, undetected.

This is why I get freaked out when I hear things at night.


2. A terrifying serial killer at-large


The story of California’s (probably) worst uncaught serial offender:

A serial rapist begins a long series of home-invasion rapes in Sacramento in 1976. He frequently breaks into homes in the daytime prior to committing the rapes and would do things like unload guns, leave pieces of rope to use as bindings during the attack, remove screens from windows. He would also call victims both before and after attacks. In 1978 he begins attacking all throughout northern California. In 1979, he vanishes. One of the more chilling instances is at a community meeting in Sacramento regarding rape. A man stands up and declares that he would protect his wife if the rapist came to attack them. That couple is victimized next; he was there and must have followed them home.

A sample of one of his calls:

In the late 1990s, DNA reveals that he moved to southern California and became a serial killer starting in December 1979. He committed 10 murders from 1979 to 1986 ranging from Goleta to Dana Point.

3. Sociopathic child


HBO doc about a six year old with reactive attachment disorder who repeatedly tortured animals, sexually molested her brother, and attempted to kill her adoptive parents by coming into their bedroom at night with a knife. The doc shows her calmly telling her therapist about the incidents very soon after they happened – really creepy and sad.

4. I wish this wasn’t real


Part of this is well documented, part of it is a little sketchy, but here is the TLDR of Danny Laplante.
A pregnant woman and her children are found murdered. The suspect is a creepy high school student who lived in the neighborhood. Sure enough, they track him down and it goes to trial, very gruesome details. Then they come to find out it was not his first offense…he had disappeared before when he was 15, and he was discovered, according to the story, living/hiding in the walls of a girl whose family he had been stalking. There are some freaky detail including his masturbation preferences, etc. Here are some supposed details and some sources:

The movie finished and the girls went off to change for bed. At the same time the dad came home. The youngest, 8 or so, was in her bedroom. She opened her closet and found Danny LaPlante standing there with a hatchet. He was dressed in her dead mothers clothes with make-up smeared on his face. He told her to be quiet and tied her up. He eventually tied up the whole family in the bedroom. He told them he was going to kill them, he’d be right back so start praying. The guess is he went to ransack valuables.

Thankfully, the youngest was able to wriggle free. She jumped out of the neighbors house who called the cops before coming back over with a gun to free the family. He freed the dad and the daughters but didn’t see LaPlante. Cops came and couldn’t find LaPlante.

The family stays with relatives for two weeks to get away from the house. In that time nobody’s found LaPlante. The family has to come home. They pull in their driveway see that motherfucker standing in the window. The father starts yelling. Neighbors come over. They surround the house. Cops come and search the house.

They don’t find Danny but find a disturbing scene. Pennies are glued to the ceiling. Strange writings are on the wall. All of their clothes, furniture, and fucking everything had been jacked off on. But no Danny. They search the house. Nothing.

Nothing until a cop in the basement hears a noise coming from behind the washing machine. Cops rush in and pull the washing machine away from the wall and find a hole. In that hole is Danny.

5. The IRL boogey man


This one always gets to me…

“I like children. They are tasty.” – Albert Fish

6. Sex slavery


The Amy Bradley disappearance. She disappeared from a cruise ship en route to Curacao in 1998, and years later photos (NSFW!) were emailed to her parents that very much resembled her, and looked like she had been sold into sexual slavery. Multiple people have also claimed to see her through the years; the Wikipedia page on her case lists the sightings, and here’s an FBI missing persons report, including sketches of people she was seen with in 2005.
The whole story is just chilling and terrifying. But this part of the Wikipedia article particularly stuck with me:

In 1999 an American sailor reported that he went to a brothel on Curaçao and was approached by a young woman. She told him her name was Amy Bradley and asked for his help. At this point, two men in the bar escorted her upstairs. By the time the witness reported this to police several months later, the brothel had burned down.

7. The worst doctor ever


There was a french doctor during WWll, who promised jewish refugees to help them to leave europe. When they came to his house on the day of departure, with their most precious belongings, he would give them a special “vaccine”, since they were allegedly going to south america. He killed them all, took their stuff, also made them pay some high fee for his help in the first place, and dissolved their corpses in his basement with acid.

8. Axe man in the attic


Hinterkaifeck. It’s about a guy who sneaks onto a farm and lives there in the attic for several days before killing them all one by one with an axe.

9. How did he know your name?


I almost was abducted by a man in a van (twice on separate accounts) when I was 15. This one time the cops came to my apartment complex and found footsteps in the snow leading up to the back window where my room was. When the guy tried to snatch me (in front of the complex, he didn’t because I was kicking and screaming) he had said my name several times. Gives me chills thinking about it.

10. Night visitor


Just gonna jump on this comment to share a story that happened to a girl that I dated. I’ll leave out specific details because I don’t know how much she’d want it out there.

She used to work at a home improvement store and there was this middle aged guy who used to come in regularly and hang around the store and talk to her. He seemed a little slow and clingy, but harmless. He would always address her by name and say that she was pretty.

The one day he was in the store as they were closing and he saw a male coworker give her a hug before he left. The next day that male coworker woke up to find his tires slashed in his driveway. No one made any connection to the nice middle aged guy who came in to buy batteries 5 times a week.
Meanwhile, this girl had been noticing that she was always losing underwear at home. She just assumed that she had been losing them in the wash or simply misplacing them and thought nothing of it. She even joked about it with her mom.

Then it happened. She was sleeping one night and woke up to find this guy standing silently over her bed, staring down at her with her panties pressed against his face. She flipped the fuck out and he ran out the sliding glass door on the back of the house. The same unlocked door that, as they found out once he was caught, he had been coming into night after night for months to watch sleep and masturbate with her underwear.

11. Serial killer apprehended a few feet away


I live in Washington state and was apparently really close to being abducted by Westley Allen Dodd when I was like 3 or 4. My parents don’t like talking about the story because it was their negligence that nearly allowed it to happen. He was a sick fuck and I wouldn’t be typing this had things played out any differently.


It’s not very exciting and I don’t even remember it, but apparently my old man left me unattended in his pickup truck and this child molester/serial killer was apprehended just a few cars down while I was chillin’ alone in the same parking lot.

12. I was childhood friends with a murderer


a girl who lives three hours away from me, in Medicine Hat, Alberta, together with her boyfriend murdered her mother, father and 3 year old brother. She was released from juvi a couple years ago and now goes to the same university as me.

She was 12 years old when she did it.

13. “Celebrity cannibal”


There is a guy who became famous after being convicted of murder and cannibalism, and lives as a free man in Japan to this day.

14. Jonestown recording


There is a recording of Jim Jones’ speech during the night at Jonestown where the hundreds of people drank arsenic-laden juice and committed suicide. You can here them dying in the background and his sheer delirium is absolutely chilling.

Also, the entire Jonestown incident is horrifying. There is a really good documentary about it on netflix called “Witness to Jonestown”. I highly recommend.

15. Tragic fire, inhuman parenting


My grandad was a firefighter, one of his jobs was taking pictures of the aftermath of fires, for evidence or record. This included the charred corpses of fire victims, so he has plenty of dark stories.

The worst he told me was when his unit reported to a house fire, and they found a locked room with three children in it, burned to death. Their father was in another room, passed out drunk. He had locked them in their room so he could go to the shop to buy more booze, and sometime between him leaving and coming back and passing out, he had started a cigarette fire, killing his children. I probably shouldn’t say this bit, but most of the people involved have passed now : they beat the shit out of that bastard. When the police showed up and he was trying to get them all arrested for assault, my grandad silently showed them the scratch marks the children had left on the inside of the locked door, and nothing more was said.

Find more creepy Thought Catalog articles here.



The Wikipedia article doesn’t go into a whole lot of the details, but the things they did to her while she was held captive were pretty gruesome. As you can probably imagine from 4 boys holding a girl captive for 44 days, she was raped. A lot.

17. Vlad the Impaler


When Vlad the Impaler was about to be invaded, he (true to his title) impaled hundreds of peasants on his countries border so that his attackers would see how ruthless he was. It worked, and the invaders turned back and went home.

Historians believe Vlads penchant for impaling stemmed from sexual abuse from men while he was a boy.

Also, he experimented with different methods of impaling. Through various orifices, and in his off time would eat his meals while watching people slowly dying upon their spikes.

18. A case for veganism :(


What about the pig farmers from British Columbia (Canada) who would bring hookers to their farm, kill them and then feed them to the pigs. The number of dead women is up to 27, but who knows how many others they got away with.

19. Feral child


Genie the feral child

20. Hi-Fi murders


Hi-Fi Murders in Utah. Dale S. Pierre and William Andrews (Members of the US Air Force) broke into a home Audio shop to rob it and took 5 people hostage. They gave the hostages a Blue liquid that they told them was vodka laced with sleeping pills, the vitims refused to drink it. The blue liquid wasnt vodka it was actually Drano that they then forced them to drink which made the victims flesh peel away and caused sever blisters. They then stomped a pen into one of the hostages ear. There was also a teenage girl held hostage that they raped multiple times then threw her on her face and shot her in the head.

21. Silent Hill inspiration


Centralia, Pennsylvania. It was a pretty decent sized coal mining town and in the 60’s, a fire (which I believe was started at a landfill, but was not put out completely) caught an exposed coal vein on fire and the fire burns underground to this day. In the 80’s, the government started paying people to leave and buying up all of the land and destroying the houses so no one could live there. Since they didn’t exactly force people to leave, the town still has a population of about ten. There is enough coal underground to keep the fire burning for a very long time.

I have been there before and in person, it is really eerie. It’s a bunch of empty streets with one or two houses, a church, and some cemeteries. One part of the highway, which was closed off and rerouted because of the fire, is all cracked and misshapen so the road is really uneven. One of the weirdest things is the steam that comes out through the ground. It almost looks like little hot springs everywhere, but it’s really all coming from the fire below.

22. Dangerous admirer


Back in high school I had received a 3 page note from the quiet kid in class telling me how beautiful I was, how he would sit in class and stare at me. 2 weeks later the entire town finds out he had been raping his little sister since she was 12.

23. Volunteer cannibal victim


The story of Armin Meiwes, the man who used the internet to find a voluntary victim that would allow him to kill and eat them.

24. Columbine was supposed to be much worse


The intention of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold wasn’t to just commit a school shooting. They made multiple 20 pound bombs. 2 of which they brought into the cafeteria which were supposed to detonate at 11:17am and 2 more, one in each of their cars set to detonate a short time later. Those were timed to go off when people were running out of the school. They studied the school for months. Plotting and figuring out when the cafeteria and the library were most full so their bombs could do the most damage. Their intention was to detonate the bombs in the cafeteria at the peak hour thus causing the library above to collapse in on it. This alone would have killed hundreds. They then would have positioned themselves outside picking off survivors as they ran out side. Their secondary devices would have killed people running past their cars as they tried to get away. After they realized their bombs hadn’t gone off is when they decided to start going inside and shooting people. In one of the videos from the cafeteria Eric Harris can be seen shooting one of the propane tanks with his gun ( possibly his first attempt at suicide that day). Most people think Columbine was because of bullying where studies have shown that Eric Harris was a psychopath who believed himself better then everyone around him ( hence he wore a ” natural selection” shirt during the massacre). They believe that something like this would have happened either way with Eric Harris while Dylan Klebold was heavily influenced by Eric and probably would hae not committed something like this without that influence.

“The killers, in fact, laughed at petty school shooters. They bragged about dwarfing the carnage of the Oklahoma City bombing and originally scheduled their bloody performance for its anniversary. Klebold boasted on video about inflicting “the most deaths in U.S. history.” Columbine was intended not primarily as a shooting at all, but as a bombing on a massive scale. If they hadn’t been so bad at wiring the timers, the propane bombs they set in the cafeteria would have wiped out 600 people. After those bombs went off, they planned to gun down fleeing survivors. An explosive third act would follow, when their cars, packed with still more bombs, would rip through still more crowds, presumably of survivors, rescue workers, and reporters. The climax would be captured on live television. It wasn’t just “fame” they were after—Agent Fuselier bristles at that trivializing term—they were gunning for devastating infamy on the historical scale of an Attila the Hun. Their vision was to create a nightmare so devastating and apocalyptic that the entire world would shudder at their power.”


TL:DR Columbine was supposed to kill hundreds not 13.

25. Clipperton Island


Always found the clipperton island story totally creepy: a man stranded with 17 women on a desert island for 2 years going into a power trip…

26. Witnessing evil


It is in the German memoir “Sniper on the Eastern Front”. The story I am about to tell give me chills even to this day, and I think about it often. It is March 1945, and the Germans have been pushed back by the Russians into Germany and Czechoslovakia. He was scouting some German village in the Sudetenland. A Russian platoon drove around, so he hid in a caved out building, so this lone sniper had a front row seat to the horror to what was to follow. The platoon was plundering the village until it ran into this German couple. The russians then tied up the Husband, and forced him to watch as the russians, in order of ranking personnel, raped the wife. One. by. one. She was screaming in agony, fell in and out of consciousness, and was in so much pain. When the last russian was finished with her, he shoved a flare gun up the woman’s vagina, and fired it. The woman screamed out the most “animalistic, brutal, and haunting scream” the german has ever heard, as the flare was slowly burning the woman’s insides and blood/flare residue/ flames were rushing out of her body, and then she slumped over dead. German reinforcements soon arrived, and killed/ wounded the platoon, and the husband went into his house, grabbed an abject (I recall it was a shovel) and hacked the remaining wounded russians on the ground until they were all dead. Some of the Germans tried stopping him, but the lone sniper held them back.

27. Skin suit


I heard about this really really old lady, thought to be about 101 who lived in a small stone hovel in South America, Chile I think. She always wore a hood over her head and talked in a shrill rasping voice. By day, she worked at a meat stall, and by night she would hobble back to her house, in her full length gown. Her skin was greyed and incredibly wrinkled and dry, she looked by most accounts like a witch and many children in the village feared her.

It was only after aid workers came to the village after an earthquake which left it without supply routes that they actually examined this old woman and found that the woman’s granddaughter was actually wearing her grandmothers skin, and that the grandmother had died from natural causes years ago. The girl, who if I remember correctly was about 14-15, gutted, bled and cured the grandmother’s corpse and left an opening in the back of the skin that she could climb into. Worse still, she had left the skin of the face, cured and intact and could put her head up inside and fill out the skin on the head and peer out of the eye holes which she enlarged.

After being removed from the grotesque suit and asked about the ordeal she said she did it so she could carry on working because her mother had died, and so she could maintain her status in the community, she also said she enjoyed playing make-belief with the corpse and that the whole process gave her much enjoyment. The girl was thought to have run away years back.

28. Missing memory


I woke up at 7 years old, totally naked, with the sole window in my room open; screen placed outside propped up against the house. I have no memory of what may have happened or how I came to be naked in the middle of the night. I went to my mother, in my predicament, who rolled over and told me I was fine. I took her word for it, put some clothes on, and went back to bed. I still have no idea what happened. I do remember her putting the window screen back into it’s proper place the next day, and nothing else was ever said.

29. Brainwashing gone wrong


Karin Catherine Waldegrave, a well-educated English woman who moved to Canada and made a bunch of lengthy Facebook wall posts addressed to nobody replying only to her previous comments and reaching up to 4000 posts a week . The posts went into as much detail to suggest it being the result of some covert secret service brainwashing scandal or a sudden snap into schizophrenic delirium. As suddenly as it started though, she disappeared and there has been no report of her since.

30. Mystery boxers


my roommate’s sister lives in a suburban part of Delaware, right outside of Wilmington. Her neighborhood had been experiencing all these weird break-ins for a bit, break-ins where nobody could figure out what had been taken. Finally, one day she comes home and finds a pair of men’s boxers on her pillow (to the skeptics, she lives alone) She immediately calls the police and gets the hell out of Dodge, locking her doors before she leaves. The police come with her back to her house, and find the door unlocked, meaning the man was almost certainly inside her house when she made the discovery

31. Girl Scout murders


The Oklahoma Girl Scout murders

32. Depressed Nobel Laureate


Gilbert Newton-Lewis, the scientist who made the Lewis-dot structure we all learn in chemistry was nominated for the Nobel Prize 35 times, and won it 0 times. After having lunch with a rival who built off of his work, who won a Nobel Prize over him, Gilbert Newton-Lewis went into his lab and killed himself with the chemicals he was experimenting with.

33. Public bus killer


a man was sleeping on a Greyhound bus in 2008, going through Canada, when a man next to him on the bus decapitated him and began eating his flesh. Man, you can’t fuckin’ make me go on a Greyhound now.



The “Vampire of Sacramento,” who cannibalized his victims. He would also kill animals, put their organs in a blender, and drink it with Coca-Cola… What still creeps me out to this day is that “he took locked doors as a sign that he was not welcome, but that unlocked doors were an invitation to come inside.” I just imagine him walking through a neighborhood, trying all the doors, seeing where he was invited…

35. A city whose children just up and left


I’ve always thought the story of the children of Hamelin was pretty creepy. The town’s records start in the late 1300s with the line “It is one hundred years since our children left us.”

Basically, Hamelin is where the legend of the Pied Piper comes from. He was a guy who would go around to cities and have the mayor pay him to get rid of all the rats. He would then walk through the streets playing a flute and all the rats would just follow him out of the city. One day someone decided not to pay him for getting rid of the rats. So he came back at night, walked through the streets playing his flute, and all of the children followed him out of town, never to be seen again.

Obviously THAT’S not true, but it’s based on the Children’s Crusade. A boy gathered an army of children (whether or not ALL of them were actually kids is disputed, but unlikely) to retake the holy land. Hamelin is believed to have let their children go on the crusade because they were going broke or something. The army crossed the alps, commissioned some ships in Venice, and the ships promptly took all the children to Tunisia where they were sold into slavery.

It’s not the most WTF story, but I do think it’s a little creepy that there was a city out there whose children just up and left.

36. Bad smell


First I have to apologize because I don’t know specifics as far as where exactly this took place, or the names of the people involved. My mother has a friend ( or co-worker. Can’t remember exactly since this was a few years ago she told me) who used to live in Maine ( I am 90 percent sure it’s Maine. Once again apologies.) Who lived next to a family she considered to be normal. A husband, wife, and two sons lived there and nothing ever seemed out of place. One day my mothers friend was sitting in her house and smelled something a little off. The smell was one of those weak smells that don’t smell terrible, and it even makes you think that it is just in your head. Fast forward two days and the smell had grown stronger and worse. When she called the authorities, they determined that the smell was coming from the neighbors house. When they investigated, they discovered that the parents had decided to cook their sons in the oven and just leave it on.

Who does that!!?? I mean, if it was just one person, you could say that as unfortunate as the situation is, it is insanity. when two people conspire,however, that is not insanity. that is something else entirely. I guess you could say that it is pure evil, but I feel like that is too vague a statement. Does anybody know of anything, psychologically speaking or otherwise, that would cause two grown adults to do something like this? Maybe it is insanity, but I feel that it would be unlikely in this situation.

37. Therapy???


tl;dr Child abuse victim undergoing attachment therapy was suffocated to death by a flannel blanket in her own vomit under the watch of her therapists. All of this was videotaped.

38. Failed kidnapping


My Parents friend told me once about a genuine terrifying story that happened to someone at his work.
His colleague at work, a woman in her mid-30’s, was on holiday in Portugal with her family for the summer. Herself and her daughter were shopping in a supermarket close to the the hotel. Just for a second, to collect some groceries from the shelves , the mother lets go of the daughter’s hand. The mother collects her things and begins to move to the next aisle and that is when she notices her child is missing. This took place shortly after the Madeline McCann disappearance, and fully aware that she was in a crowded supermarket the mother flips out. She starts screaming for her child, that her child is missing and is so distressed that the store freaks out with her. Shutters come down, alarms are sounded and the staff begin a search for the girl.

They found the girl still alive, in the bathroom. Her hair had been cut and she was wearing a different set of plain clothes. If they had taken but a few seconds more to find her, she would’ve been gone for good. Thinking about it gives me chills.

39. 9/11 911 call


There was at least one guy, Kevin Cosgrove, on the phone with 911 operators on 9/11. He was on the phone, and his call was being recorded, as the tower collapsed. It’s not for the faint of heart, and is one of the only things on the internet that has really chilled me to the core. It’s not something people don’t know about, really, more like something no one really thinks about. There were people on the phone with others outside the towers as they fell, and those listening got to hear what happened.

40. Buried alive


I’m a tour guide in Savannah, Georgia. I tell this story on my historical and haunted tours, and as far as I know it’s all true.

Savannah suffered three major fires in 1796, 1820, and 1889. Immediately after each fire yellow fever swept the city. Stagnant water had collected in the foundations of the buildings destroyed by the fires, breeding mosquitoes and spreading yellow fever. The citizens thought the epidemic was airborne, and the seemingly coincidental and devastating events led many to believe the city was cursed.
Yellow fever is nasty. It begins like the flu. Children and people with compromised immune systems would often experience liver failure, resulting in Jaundice (hence, yellow fever). Ultimately people ended up vomiting blood, which appeared black and reinforced the belief that the city was cursed and that the infected were possessed by demons.

Most who made it to this stage of the illness died, but some fell into a coma, which, by those medical standards, closely resembled death. Because the citizens believed the epidemic to be airborne, they felt it was of the utmost importance to bury the Yellow Fever victims as quickly as possible. Some comatose victims were mistaken for dead and buried alive.

The city of Savannah built over most of its cemeteries, and burial records were destroyed in the fires. There have been instances in recent years in which workers have unearthed coffins with scratch marks inside the lids, bodies with broken fingers, etc. And the creepiest part about it is that there have been outbreaks of Yellow Fever in the past couple years.

41. “Murder castle”


The story of H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer. The guy built a goddamn murder castle and killed as many as 200 people all over the states and in Canada as well. “The Devil in the White City” is a really good read that juxtaposes his murdery exploits with the pomp and ceremony surrounding the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.

42. Buried alive, part II


After Pearl Harbor, there were soldiers who were trapped below deck as their ships sank. Unfortunately, the ships didn’t flood, so they were trapped below deck for days until they died of starvation. The navyy knew it was happening, but they had no way to go down and get them, due to limitations (couldn’t get the right tools, ship might blow up… I can’t remember the actual reason), so they instead reported those men among the initial death toll from the bombings. Men on guard would beg not to be placed near those ships, because they could hear them banging on the hull for help. Eventually, the navy managed to get down to retrieve the bodies, but only after everyone had died. Apparently they had marked the passage of time on the wall, and they had survived at least a week. Most of the families of those men were never made aware that it happened.

43. Hello Kitty murder

Her head was cut off and shoved into a big Hello Kitty doll. Pretty dark.

44. Not a real doctor


There is a Frenchman named Jean-Claude Romand who starting in the 70s fooled his family and friends into thinking he was a doctor. He never actually went to med school at all and basically wandered the streets during the day. He had no income as a result of not actually being a doctor, so he lived off his wife’s money unbeknownst to her. He also took money from other people who he convinced he had a hedgefund. This went on for 18 years but then people started wanting their money back.

So in the early 90s he bought a gun and tear gas. First he beat his wife to death and slept next to the body all night. The next day he spent with his children and after he put them to bed at night shot both of them. Next day he drove to see his parents, ate with them, and shot them and their dog. Lastly, he met up with an ex-mistress who wanted the money he owed her. He tried to strangle her and use the tear gas on her, but she fought him off. He then apologized and drove her home. He then drove home, poured gas all over his house, took sleeping pills, and set the home on fire.
He was rescued by the fire department, which there is suspicion of this being his plan (he took expired sleeping pills and the way he set the fire made it very noticeable from the outside). He’s currently in prison for the murders and is up for parole in 2015.

45. Do not read if you are a ‘Land Before Time’ fan


Do you guys remember the land before time? I do, it was one of my favourite movies growing up. It wasn’t until recently that I wondered who the voice actors were for that movie and found out what happened to the little girl who played Duckie.

Judith was last seen on the morning of Monday, July 25, 1988, when she rode her bike on her street. On that same night, József shot Judith in the head while she was asleep in her room. Maria, hearing the gunshot, rushed down the hall, where József met her and shot her as well. József spent the next two days wandering around the house, and said during a phone call with Judith’s agent on Tuesday night that he intended to move out for good, and just needed time to “say goodbye to [my] little girl.” He then poured gasoline on the bodies and set them on fire. He later went into the garage and shot himself in the head with a .32 caliber pistol.

46. Not clear on whether the world is getting better, or worse


To anyone who’s thinking that these are all old stories and such stuff doesn’t happen today – Just about a week back, a group of six men raped and severely wounded a 23yr woman in a bus in the Indian capital city Delhi.
This is current news on every news channel on TV right now and has caused a huge uproar among people. The girl is in critical condition. Even if she recovers, she probably cannot eat and live like a normal person ever again because of the wounds.

47. There’s a dog ghost haunting space


Laika – the first dog in space (Russia/USSR)
no re-entry plan was ever made. the dog was doomed to die of starvation or suffocation once it was in orbit.

48. Hide and seek


When my mom was ten, she still lived in Thailand and often went outside and played with the neighbor’s kids. The houses in Thailand are extremely close together, and she lived on a ‘U’ shaped street and they were playing at the end of the ‘U’. Her family was really close with the neighbors and the adults were all just hanging out in the lawn. The kids started playing a game of Hide and Seek and things were going pretty well, until they couldn’t find one of the girls. They searched everywhere, and the adults helped, but they couldn’t find her. That was a good thirty years ago, and the girl was never found. My mom refused to let me play Hide and Seek, and she was obviously traumatized from the experience.



A man who was disfigured walked around at night because he didn’t want people to see him in the day time. People called him Charlie No-Face, and they told their kids stories about him. kids raised on these stories are surprised to find out that he was a real person.

Not dark but its kinda creepy.

50. Don’t help people, ever


I teach middle school English in Korea.

One of my students was walking into her families apartment complex when a old lady asked for her help lifting some things. The old lady then said she had some more things in the car and asked for help. My student was reluctant but agreed to help. When she got to the car some guy pushed her in and another guy started driving off. She saw a hammer and some rope in the front seat.

Luckily she had the toe of her sneaker stuck in the door and so it remained slightly open. When the car slowed on a turn she jumped out and ran home. The old lady was still out front talking to the second guy and so she used the side entrance. Apparently this happens frequently. TC mark

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