What Your 90s Crush Says About You

Jul. 5, 2013
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Brandon Walsh

At some point you ran a somewhat popular social justice blog. You have volunteered for a political campaign and enjoy commenting on news articles on your city newspaper’s website or writing letters to the editor. You have short hair and insist that your name be pronounced a specific (and non-intuitive) way.

Zack Morris

You are an extrovert and have a lot of friends. It’s hard for you to take your eyes off your smartphone. Your current partner definitely knows how to hustle.

Angela Chase

You were the friend that people had to inform of social truths everyone else just knew. You are currently a writer or a graphic designer. You’ve read a lot of Chuck Klosterman and think you’ll become a travel writer one day.

Joey Potter

You were the very first person in your friend group to achieve life milestones like getting married, having a kid and buying a house. You wish your significant other wouldn’t surprise you with their decisions so often.

Lisa Turtle

You played football in high school and possibly college. You met your current partner while in school and have a “crew” of your mutual friends. You are a happy person. You may join a country club one day.

Kelly Kapowski

You live in a small town or a suburb close to your family. You work in the same profession as a friend or family member. You love Facebook.

Dylan McKay

You spent at least the first few years of your adult dating life dating guys who dropped out of college because they didn’t “need” a degree. You have slept on a beach with a guy at least once in your life. You prefer dogs over cats.

Kelly Taylor

Your current significant other changes her personality every two years but is exceptionally gorgeous. You’ve never kept a journal or a blog.

David Silver

You listen to hip hop radio stations exclusively. You’ve dated a lot of guys who have motorcycles. When you watched Entourage you had a crush on Kevin Connolly.

Pacey Witter

You spend at least 40% of your work day screwing around and in general try not to take things seriously. You have a lot of close male friends. Your favorite sport is hockey.

Topanga Lawrence

You went to a liberal arts college and majored in something that people make jokes about. Now you work at a non-profit and are currently single.

Scott Wormer

You are an introvert whose closest friends probably don’t know you that well. You have never dated someone from inside your own friend group. You and your partner do things like fishing and hunting together.

Teeny Tercell

You’ve never been intimidated by confident or successful women. You actually like it when they’re a bit dramatic. You have more female friends than male friends and your partner makes more money than you, but you think that’s cool.

Jordan Catalano

You have made some terrible, terrible decisions in your love life. Like, really terrible. Actually, are you okay right now? I’m here if you need someone to talk to.

Randy Taylor

You were in AP or gifted classes in high school. About 50% of the guys you’ve dated have been shorter than you. You have a cooler job than most of your peers.

Rayanne Graff

You were the first of your friends to experiment with weed. Your apartment is always messy but you are happy with it. You recently quit smoking using an e-cig. Congrats!

Rickie Vasquez

People always come to you for advice and you are very well-liked by your peers. You work in a creative profession. Your favorite movie is American Beauty and you like photography.

Buffy Summers

In high school, you only dated jock girls. Your current partner has a high-powered job and kicks ass at it. If you were 10 years younger your crush would be Ginny Weasley.

Bailey Salinger

You’ve had some #dark relationships that you’ve stayed in way too long. At one point you moved to a new city to try to figure your life out.

Sarah Reeves Merrin

The first time you met your current partner you had to ask her three times to speak up before you could hear her name. You rarely make decisions that surprise those around you. You can’t wait to own a house in the suburbs.

Kristen from Are You Afraid of the Dark?

You’ve never dated a woman with hair above her shoulders and you have experimented with Wicca. You love Game of Thrones have at least one gothic decoration in your home.

Donna Martin

You do not exist. Or you do exist but you have never had a girlfriend who was exactly what you wanted. You have no qualms with plastic surgery. In fact, you wish more women would get it. TC mark

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