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Now that I’m officially an adult, no one will take care of me but myself. Sure, people want the best for me and my mom will continue to ask me if I’m going to bed on time, but no one can make me choose organic produce or work out.

People express emotions in different ways at different times, besides the obvious crying, yelling, or laughing. Try something different like coloring, writing, or making a collage about the person you lost.

Some of these changes may seem synonymous or trivial, but a resolution is a decision to do or not do something. An intention is an aim and makes it more hopeful. Words like never can stop can lead to all-or-nothing attitudes and make it harder to get back on track.

Cancer isn’t as foreign as it used to be. Another family friend quietly had thyroid cancer treated. A colleague of mine is currently undergoing cancer treatment. An old childhood friend went through it. A former coworker of mine had it as a child. Is there anyone out there who is safe from it anymore?

she upset you a lot. She never ate and even lied about what she wore the other day. She stole from everyone, including you. She hid things and relapsed and went to rehab often. She told you she was going to get clean. She promised. She always promised and you always believed her.

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