A Gift Guide For The Grown-Up Disney Girl

Dec. 24, 2012
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An all-purpose princess dress

There are few things more important in life than having a dress which says to the world “I’m sorry, you dirty peasants, I can’t hear you over the sound of my own perfection.” The princess dress — one you turn out on those most special of occasions, or just when you need a fabulous little boost — is the easiest way to go from zero to spectacular in a matter of seconds. Do your Disney girl a favor and add it to her wardrobe.


Modern-day glass slippers

What is the modern-day equivalent of a glass slipper — the shoe which is bound to make anyone wearing it feel as though magic is only a few heel clicks away? My professional opinion is that the only comparable thing we mere mortals have today would be the sparkly pump, and any modern Disney girl should have a pair. Who doesn’t want to go dance the night away with the potential love of her life in a pair of these? The correct answer is no one.


A Disney anthology

If your Disney girl has not seen all of these films at least three hundred times — and honestly even if she has — there is no excuse not for her to spend an entire weekend curled up underneath a bunch of warm blankets watching these. And while it would also be acceptable to just choose one classic to give to her individually, at a certain point, Disney films become like Pokémon. You have to catch them all, or give up the hunt altogether.


Fancy hot cocoa

And what would a Disney marathon under an enormous pile of blankets be without several mugs of fancy hot cocoa? Few things say “I’m having a classy, Princess-y winter” quite like multi-colored packs of adorable cocoa mix that you can even display on your shelf to prove to guests that you, indeed, have your stuff together. (Only the most grown-up of Disney girls invest in the fancy cocoa.)


Flower pillows

If your Disney girl is not yet at the point where she has a princess-pink bedspread with high-thread-count sheets and perhaps even a delicate canopy which gives everything that Midsummer Night’s Dream-esque ambiance, you can at least help her out by giving her some flower-shaped throw pillows to toss around and give her room a touch of royal-family class.


A delicate pearl necklace

There are few things which scream “classy and flawless” quite like a simple pearl necklace, and any grown-up Disney girl worth her salt needs one to pair with all of her various extravagant princess dresses. (You can’t have a full skirt made entirely out of tulle competing with a necklace that has 72 colors and sparkles when you step into the light.) Give her this, and she’ll always have a go-to accessory.


A pink iPhone case

Honestly, if your Disney girl’s phone isn’t pink, what is she doing with her life? Step her game up on her behalf and get her the phone case which will define her life. It’s a scientifically proven fact that the more pastel-colored your electronics are, the better your life is. (If you don’t think that Aurora’s phone would be pink and classy, you are laughably mistaken. Though it should be said that, in the case that your Disney girl’s favorite princess is Ariel, you can supplement a turquoise case and attain a similar effect.) TC mark


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