February 1, 2013

25 Awesome Things To Do With Your Group Of Friends

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25 Awesome Things To Do With Your Group Of Friends

1. Go to a dive bar or a place that isn’t your usual hangout. No MacLaren’s Pub where you’re regular attendees — have a one-night stand with some hole-in-the-wall joint.

2. Sit down together and have a clip show. You know, the flashback episode where everyone sits around discussing the funniest, craziest memories of your ensemble’s prior seasons.

3. Split your group in half and engage in a weekend long prank war.

4. Write, film and edit a short sketch or film. It doesn’t have to be perfectly professional looking, just let your creative, carefree juices flow and make something happen, even if it’s recorded via a cellphone camera.

5. Laser tag. Seriously, this is an underappreciated game and there’s no age limit, despite what the angry parents said after I annihilated their children in an intense bout last weekend.

6. Take advantage of a restaurant’s happy hour and place all dignity and diets aside to indulge in wings, queso, alcohol and things a la mode.

7. Hit up the casino, but play with reckless abandon, fully prepared to lose a preset amount you bring with you. Usually that willingness to play high risk is the best chance of a high reward. If you’re friends with some mathletes, occupy a blackjack table and do your best impression of card counters… Not seriously though.

8. Have a Disney movie night. That might require someone searching their parent’s attic for the dusty old VCR so that everyone can bring a few clunky, VHS tapes from their collection. Or you can rent/buy a lot of ‘em for fairly cheap.

9.  Binge YouTube TOGETHER, with each person having a chance to show off his or her favorite videos. Be forewarned, there’s a lot of pressure that comes with your selections. You vouched for the video and if nobody finds it cool or funny, you will feel fully responsible for the disappointment.

10. Find the nearest winetasting and get buzzed like classy people.

11. Play various board games from your childhood and, if you feel the urge to add a twist, find a way to turn them into a drinking game.

12. Invite over some of the friends who slowly but surely stopped hanging out with your group as frequently as they used to. You know, the people who were like, recurring cast members – hit them up and reunite so it’s just like old times.

13. Go to a coffee shop together and realize that Friends made it look far more enjoyable than it actually is. Central Perk is a façade, y’all.

14. Search for a local softball or kickball league to join. It may require more players and availability on some days in the future, but it’s always a good time (minus that one dude with a cheek full of sunflower seeds who thinks he’s playing Major League Baseball).

15. Take a spontaneous road trip to a nearby city for a day or two of poor decisions and (not criminally) bad behavior. Hey, it’s not your city, so reputations become a little less significant.

16. Have Thanksgiving dinner together. Often times we head back to our families for the holiday, and if you’ve never experienced Friendgiving, which is a darn good time. Prepare everything and grub together, over even less appropriate conversations than the ones you have with your family.

17. Go camping in the middle of nowhere. Try to keep it as undomesticated as possible. Y’know, avoid Wi-Fi hotspots and iPads – there’s no Facebook allowed in the wilderness, and the only Angry Birds should be living, flying, literal ones.

18. Settle all of the ongoing debates. If you have a couple competitive friends who have gone back and forth about who’s faster, smarter or better at something, have ‘em go head to head to put an end to the speculation and earn someone bragging rights.

19. Find a TV series everyone is interested in watching and hold a marathon that consists of nothing but eating and sitting through episode after episode.

20. Arts and crafts! Buy some coloring books and crayons, an easel and some paint/brushes, or a sketchbook and let that creativity out – even if your abilities are limited to stick figures, just have fun with it.

21. Sit down together and plan, in full detail, a fun trip to take place at some point this year. If at all possible, purchase tickets or hotels to your destination so that it’s official, and the counting down of days can begin.

22. Go to a comedy club. Just make sure you’re not the obnoxious, heckling group that thinks they’re funny until they get owned by the comedian, or kicked out by security.

23. Karaoke. Whether it’s done in an apartment or out, in a social environment, it never fails to be fun.

24. Volunteer work.

25. If your group of friends consists of Ben, Jerry, Netflix, and a laptop, don’t feel bad — I’m fairly certain my bipolar social tendencies will have me browsing the web in soft pants at some point. Tweet me, we can chat about our bold decision to choose pajamas over people. TC Mark