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Casey Imafidon is a full time writer and has been featured on Inc, Elitedaily, Addicted2success and numerous other blogs.

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Harassing others. No one likes a stalker. It gets worse when the other person comments rudely on everything you do on social media. No one likes to be harassed on social media, this is particularly offensive.

New York, USA. This is one vicious city. It is mean, it is energetic, it is fast and it will plunge you deep to the way the real world is. New York is often considered the “Crossroads of the World. New York is a combination of several elements from art, to culture, to cuisine and business.

You don’t really win without a positive attitude. There is no winner who excelled or succeeded with a negative attitude. Your focus should be on seeing the bright side even when it is dark all around you.

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