October 19, 2016

20 Kinda Inappropriate Questions That Every Guy Wants To Ask You

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Data gathered from real men on Reddit


If guys all got together and agreed to stop chatting girls up .. would the girls get desperate and start chatting us up?

— britboy4321


What is the pouch in the panties all about?

— undeniablybuddha


What is it like giving a blowjob? I feel like I would enjoy it, but also I’m pretty sure I’m heterosexual?

Also guys am I the only one who thinks this?

— LibertyJorj


What are you thinking when you catch me staring and you just smile back?

— plax1780


How does menstruation affect your apocalypse survival/epic quest fantasies? Do you ever dream about going out on an action-packed adventure and then privately roll your eyes as you ponder the detail of how to maintain your absorbent hygiene supply on the road?

— Defends_ForceAwakens


I’ve always wanted to ask female partners how I stacked up to their other past male partners (size wise), but I understand that it’s a really shitty question that will probably never get a factual answer and also shows a real lack of self-esteem.

— JayVee26


How are you not outraged by the pocket problem?

I just recently found out while doing laundry that there are fake pockets sewn into the prints of jeans. Some have tiny little gaps, some don’t even fucking open at all. Is this not clear collusion between purse manufacturers and garment manufacturers?

— omgsiriuslyzombi


When you masturbate, what (if anything) do you actually think about (or watch, etc)?

I’ve have a couple of girls over the years admit to watching porn, which I can understand/relate to. But the rest just seem embarrassed to discuss that part.

— billbapapa


During your periods, what exactly do you feel? And how should I act around you if you are?

— penisstuckinazipper


Are you always aware of your vagina opening or do you ‘discover’ it at some point? (Same question for your clitoris) I’d imagine you’d only really be aware of your urethra functionally…

— JeelyPiece


When did you start masturbating? I’ve heard that a lot of girls start at a younger age than men.

— RoosterShield


Isn’t inconvenient for so many of you to have long hair? It must be miserable during the summer.

— cyclopsrex


How much pubes is too much on a man?

— Defends_ForceAwakens


Do straight girls view guy-on-guy porn the same way most straight guys view girl-on-girl porn?

— Chino1130


Is it true that you’re more horny during your period, and if so, do you find yourself attracted to guys you wouldn’t be if you weren’t on your period?

— The_Legend_of_Jaelon


Why do girls wear High heels?? … They look so “uncomfortable”..

— The_devils_advocate6


Pre sex toys, did you ever use any other daily life objects?

Always wondered because you got the possibility.

— Texxi


What can girls generally agree on makes a man attractive AND husband material?

Like, 90% of girls my age are beautiful, but their interests and insecurity is such a turnoff.

— Grassfeet


What is the most tactful way you have had to handle an odd looking (i.e., circumsized/uncirumsized, too curved, too small, etc.) penis?

— Aneides


I’ve heard “Women don’t dress for men” a few times online, and apparently it’s supposed to be taken serious, but..why do you dress with cleavage showing, tight leggings, and sexually-charged garments if it’s not to incite male attention?

There is a reason why married women show less cleavage than single women, so to deny that your clothing hasnothing to do with the acknowledgement/buzz from the opposite sex (not strictly meaning “I want to be approached”) seems ignorant in explanation.

— anyonamous TC mark

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