10 Old Fashioned Things We Should Always Keep In Our Lives

Jan. 3, 2014
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As we move deeper into the digital age, many of the little things we once knew and cherished are becoming obsolete. There’s next to nothing you can’t do with an iPhone, and uses for board games and nice watches and printed photos will soon become a thing of the past, if they aren’t already. These are the things we should always keep in our lives, no matter how old fashioned they will eventually become. 

1. Printed photos.

Because scrolling through a feed just isn’t the same as flipping through an album, and everyone should have some beautiful ass picture frames in their home.  It’s great to have digital backups, but the printed photo is something that should never become obsolete.

2. Games that aren’t played digitally.

God bless Cards Against Humanity, and may there never come a day when we don’t play it together and in person. There’s a time and place to lull yourself into mindless oblivion on your iPad. That time is not while in the company of people you care about.

3. Journals.

There’s a certain beauty to a leather-bound notebook that makes everything you write in it seem just a little more important. Obviously typing is convenient, easy and necessary but there’s still just something that seems so earnest about writing in a really nice notebook.

4. Notecards for to do lists and letters.

I know simple things like these are easily digitized, but having someone take the time to write to you just seems so much more thoughtful. Also, I never remember to look at the list of things I need while shopping if not written on a piece of paper in front of my face.

5. Subscriptions to things to read in print.

Yes, yes, I know, it’s ironic for me to say this, but being able to flip through the glossy pages that arrive at your home to surprise you once a month in all their advertorial glory is one of the most underestimated little joys in life.

6. Clocks and watches.

We don’t have to integrate every second of the day with technology, and sometimes it’s important that we aren’t tempted to be distracted by whatever update we find on our screen when someone asks us what time it is. Not to mention the right watch can look flossy as hell.

7. A camera that’s not on your phone.

Though I’ll admit iPhone camera quality has really gotten next level, there’s still something that’s unprecedented about a legitimate, high quality camera, especially if you’re traveling or are taking photos you’re going to want to keep for good.

8. Keeping each other’s phone numbers on hand.

How crazy is it that most of us probably don’t even know our best friend’s phone number, because we’ve simply never had to dial it by hand? A sticky pickle indeed, the day you’re in a bind and have to call them off a phone that’s not your own.

9. Owning a hard copy of a map.

Don’t be the person who’s stranded and screwed when your phone gives out.

10. Things that are hand made or made locally.

It’s probably unrealistic to buy every single thing from a local craftsperson or market owner, but generally speaking, the rabbit hole of big business consumption is infinitely tempting, though does not always deliver the highest quality or uniqueness.  TC Mark

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