October 21, 2013

10 Signs You Know How To WORK IT On A Dance Floor

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1. You know when it’s time to bust out Single Ladies.

You and your friends have declared it girls’ (or boys’) night out, and coincidentally this occurs right after someone has just gone through a breakup, and so you muster up every bit of fabulosity in you, proceed to the center of the dance floor, and this happens.

2. You could have left your job for a career in dance.

You’ve been learning everything you know about dance from Marina Shifrin because let’s all be honest here… all we really took from that video was how to be a sassy lady who can bust a move like no other.

3. You know the classics.

You know when it’s time to throw in a casual throwback.

4. And you know the TRUE classics.

And you know when it’s time to lose your mind over a throwback.

5. You can work it by yourself.

Sometimes you get a little down on yourself… maybe you’re single… maybe you’re the one who was just broken up with… whatever the case, rather than sulking back to your apartment to watch Netflix and drown your sorrows in fried chicken, this happens, with startling accuracy.

6. … Really by yourself.

You know the whole world is your dance floor. You also know the true meaning of “dance like nobody’s watching” and you live that everyday.

7. You have hardcore showdowns with the mirror, and they look like this.

And possibly in those pants.

8. You’ve been this incomparably swaggy since you were a kid.

Fast forward to 1:37 to see her bust a move like no 7-year-old ever has before (… except you).

9. You can bring it… on.

And casually work it harder than Torrence and Missy.

10. Because you’re a superstar and you know it.

And at the end of the day, this is how you see yourself when you walk into the party and proceed to own it like the queen herself. TC mark

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