January 8, 2011

Tao Lin and Megan Boyle Get Married

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Today in a live, ongoing Q&A session with Tao Lin and Megan Boyle of MDMAfilms, the two revealed that they recently married in Las Vegas and “made around $2000″ from the venture.

Lin and Boyle are the creators, directors and actors of all the films that MDMAfilms, a mumblecore-influenced ‘production company,’ produces and distributes. Their upcoming titles include “MDMA,” “BEBE ZEVA,” “MUMBLECORE,” and “HEROIN.”

“We met a few years ago and didn’t interact much and then started interacting a lot this fall,” Megan explained in the Q&A, when asked about the genesis of their newly-formed and what some might call highly publicized romance. As the Q&A session continues, we’ll be liveblogging the event. Stay tuned as we interview the newly wed couple on their thoughts on marriage and the future of their production company.

3:21PM EST: The marriage happened like this: “[W]e went to las vegas sort of spontaneously,” Megan wrote. “We were passing by the chapel in our hotel and one of us said, ‘what if we got married.’ [T]hen we were excited by the idea.”

Tao wrote, “[I] felt that it seemed exciting and funny to do.”

3:35PM EST: When asked if they planned on staying married “forever:” “[I] think we view it the same way as if it were just progressing normally without the overlying thing of marriage/staying together forever,” (Megan), “[I] think i feel the same amount of ‘locked’ as w/o marriage but i feel i wouldnt begin a relatioonship if i didnt feel able to be w someone for a long time, i dont feel marriage has changed things re that, i dont think we discussed time re marriage,” (Tao).

3:44PM EST: From Megan: “[M]y mom was really happy and supportive from the start. i told my dad on the phone and he sounded somber/apprehensive, then later he told my mom he burned his tongue on really hot water right after i told him. now he seems supportive/excited… both [my parents] met [Tao] the day before we left for taiwan… they seem to like him… my mom and his mom email frequently.”

3:48PM EST: Megan says she doesn’t see Lin-Boyle kids in the future. Tao “feels open” to them. Also, Megan isn’t changing her name.

3:55PM EST: We have video of the marriage!!!

4:23PM EST: The two celebrated their marriage with Tao’s family. “[T]here were 2 dinners…big dinners…everyone spoke taiwanese or mandarin,” Megan said. “[M]y mom expressed full support and happiness, i think, and my dad i think the same,” Tao said.

4:30PM EST: “[I] emailed my mom during a series of emails arguing about drugs,” Tao wrote, of breaking the news to his parents. Megan notified hers by phone.

That’s it for live-blogging for now. The conversation’s winding down and we all have Saturday night to get to. Good luck, power couple. TC mark


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