October 31, 2012

10 Things Undecided Voters Ask Themselves

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What is the issue?

1.“Should I buy an iPod or an 8-Track player?”

2. “Should I buy a Prius or a stagecoach?”

3.“Should I eat a sandwich for lunch or should I shovel a handful of sand into my mouth?”

4. “Should I get a coffee or should I drink this bottle of paint thinner?”

5. “Should I watch a movie or should I shove nails into my eyes?”

6. “Should I grant women power over their own vaginas or should I exert more regulation over those confusing lady holes than Wall Street?”

7. “Should I accept different opinions than my own or do those make me scared and angry?”

8. “Should I believe in scientifically proven facts or are those a tool being used by satan to derail the morality of society?”

9. “Should I welcome people different than myself into the conversation or does their presence dilute the self-perceived value of my life and beliefs?”

10. “Should I vote for someone who is currently working to move this country forward or for someone named Mitt Romney?”

Make up your mind. Vote. TC Mark


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