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This Is Why I’m Guarded

This Is Why I’m Guarded

The Guarded Girl's Guide To Love

By Nicole Tarkoff

Sometimes we guard our hearts to keep them from being broken. Sometimes we build our walls higher when love lets us down. But we won’t understand the love we’re capable of finding, or the love we’re capable of giving, until we learn that while a guarded heart can protect you from pain, it can also prevent you from letting love in. ‘This Is Why I’m Guarded’ communicates the struggle of finding a love you know is meaningful and learning how not to be afraid of it. Nicole’s compilation portrays the beauty in being vulnerable. She explains that it’s okay to fear the pursuit of love and that letting your guard down is worth the risk you take to find it.

About Nicole Tarkoff
Nicole is a Producer for Thought Catalog. She has a passion for writing (obviously) and loves reading anything based on a true story. Check out her writing on Thought Catalog and follow her on Twitter and Facebook! If you want to...
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