American Psychonaut: Prelude to the Great American Memoir

American Psychonaut: Prelude to the Great American Memoir

By Marty Maguire

American Psychonaut is a short memoir that delivers a play-by-play, first-person account of the events of June 11th, 2010. Before that day, there were several clues that I was a bit crazy. Once my roommate said I was. Not to my face (I was reading his emails). Another time an ex-friend, who happened to be a doctoral student in neuroscience, called me “demented” (I was reading through his instant messages). But at long last, after over a decade of mental anguish, on that fateful June 11th, 2010 my insanity was officially consecrated and in not exactly the most subtle of fashions.

Think ‘Boy, Interrupted’ written by a wannabe David Sedaris, the male version of Lena Dunham, the white Richard Wright, the Asian J.D. Salinger, a gay Eminem, or the poor man’s Jonathan Franzen.

About Marty Maguire
Marty Maguire was born and raised in San Francisco. In 2008, he earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology at New York University. He currently lives back in San Francisco where he resides in the glamourless Sunset District. In addition...
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