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Bianca Martinez

I believe that there is beauty in fleeting things and that happily ever afters exist in short-lived moments.

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There are a million things that we want out of our ideal partner, but one thing that I’ve always considered to be an “optional” characteristic is that they’ve been heartbroken before. It’s the characteristic that’s written in fine print because what’s so ideal about someone who’s been broken before?

I loved you loving me, but I’m afraid I have to accept that even you have to move on, that despite all the forever upon forevers that we promised each other, words can only get us so far when our actions do not speak the same language.

Hold my hand when it gets rough, hug me tighter when I want to walk away and remind me that all storms pass and that I will see happiness again the next day. Fight for us because I will fight for you. To have reached this point in our relationship means that I treasure you so much in my heart that it would pain me if you left.