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You can pretend that it doesn’t bother you, but it’s so much easier to lie to the people around you than it is to lie to yourself. So let me ask you something, if you are so busy covering up and avoiding your flaws and insecurities, why do you think it’s okay to pinpoint other people’s?

You’re making your life harder than it has to be when you fail to take any risks, when you’re always settling. You shouldn’t settle in life, stop waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment to go after what you want because honestly, the perfect moment will never come.

You get up because you know you have to. You get up because you don’t want people to worry because you think that’s what being strong is. You tell your friends everything is fine, you laugh with them and you go out to eat with them. You act like nothing in the world is bothering you.

Be honest, you’re not really putting your volunteer work on social media to show people that you care, you’re putting it up there so people can comment and talk about how wonderful you are for spending two hours picking up trash while you were probably miserable the whole time.

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