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When you were younger everything felt good and it felt safe, like you’d never have to think about living a day without each other. You thought you’d be inseparable, you naïvely thought things would never change, but maybe that’s just because you tried so hard to block out the reality you knew was coming.

The simple things bring you joy, they make you happy and that’s awesome. You’re down to get dirty in nature because fun is what it’s all about. You don’t need a lot to be happy and spontaneous adventures bring you joy.

Stop thinking about ways you could have done better in the past because it’s over and you can’t fix the choices you made then. Don’t worry about the future; it will only make you anxious of all that’s still to come. Live in the present and you will be at peace with your life.

I don’t want to wait around for days on end, hoping he might text me or Tweet something about me. I want him to call me; I want to hear his voice. I don’t want the games, I don’t want the rules, I want honesty and I want him to be upfront.

If you get invited somewhere you’re always the first person to say yes. You don’t have to check-in with anyone or sort out your plans, if you’re free you go because adventure awaits.

The guy you have to basically throw yourself at isn’t the kind of guy you want to be with. You don’t want to have to fight for his attention; you don’t want to have to make a fool of yourself for someone to notice you because while you’re noticing him he might be noticing someone else.

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