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Traveling will test you. There will be really hard days, but I can promise you it will be worth it, even if you struggle along the way. Traveling touches part of the heart no man or woman could ever reach.

You never really tried, instead you’re just giving up. You’re saying you can’t do it not because you can’t do it but because you don’t WANT to do it.

Getting engaged and eventually married won’t make your insecurities disappear, it won’t make you feel more whole, it won’t make you instantly happier, it won’t make your fears vanish, it won’t make you feel like your life has more of a purpose. Those things all start with you.

I’m not saying there won’t be challenges and difficult times ahead because there will be, no one in this world is exempt from tough times, but sometimes you just have to choose to feel hope that things won’t always be this way and work towards something better.

I just didn’t know who I was when I was alone and I felt like I needed someone there to guide me. But then I started taking all the energy I put into trying to get other people to love me into myself and my entire world changed.

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