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Calling 420 day (April 20th) a holiday is kind of like saying Flamin Cheetos are an actual food. It sounds nice in theory, but it gets a little dicey when you start looking at the particulars.

“There are favors on the island,” he jutted his chin towards the kitchen. Turing away from the door-from me-he headed towards what I assumed was the bedroom.

I’ve become what every parent fears when they realize you’re a girl. Is my baby going to become a whore?

I have a story I need to tell. It’s a hard start considering I haven’t flexed my creative muscle in a while, but more than that, it is a hard story to tell.

My friend isn’t good about safe sex, but she isn’t bad about it, either. Not really bad. She’s just normal, I guess, at least from what she’s told me and from what I can tell.

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