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Ferris Bueller taught children of the ’80s and ’90s that a day of fun wouldn’t be spent hot-boxing various rooms with ticklish vapors dubbed kush, crash, splash, dash or Westside OG. Rather, it would be spent absorbing the surrounding cultural flavor through a series of peripheral osmosis…

With a bevy of the aforementioned colorful characters to choose to love & hate, it truly says a lot about one’s personality as to which ones draw the boo/ hiss bravado, and which ones don’t. What side of Hamsterdam do you fall on?

Make and keep friends who tease you when you’re new, but accept you once you’ve proven you’ve got the moxie to stick up for yourself. The heady-ones. The hard-earners. These are friends you’ve earned, not settled for.

I’m most intrigued by the vacation photos that people put up on the internet. Why you might ask? This is the photo album where you have the highest probability to see that person naked.