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Ofelia Hunt is the author of the novel Today & Tomorrow, recently published by Magic Helicopter Press, as well as several poems and short stories scattered around the internet. The following interview was conducted via a series of emails.

One element of the PlayStation brand which has remained constant, and which is undeniably amongst the most iconic pieces of brand design in the last 20 years is the controller, and in particular the four symbols which grace its face buttons.

The novel is not without plot, and indeed it is a great deal more concrete than the plots found in some of the author’s previous work. Stylistically Richard Yates bears more resemblance to Lin’s 2009 novella Shoplifting From American Apparel than it does to his previous novel, Eeeee Eee Eeee (2007).

There should be no doubt of the level of musicianship on display, but The Necks’ genius is in removing themselves mentally from the process of the music’s creation. By being tremendously gifted at playing their instruments but not allowing ideas of ‘musicality’ to interfere with the directions the sound will take, they are able to create something truly unique.

This is a panic attack in print. A loss of narrative coherence. Clay’s conscience screaming at him to take note, to be present in a moment and to feel something – to react. Eventually, at his most honest, he comes to realize that all that matters to him “is that I want to see the worst.”