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As we’re setting out for 2016 with whatever it is we have in mind, perhaps it is in everyone’s best interest to imagine we’ve got Tim Gunn periodically checking in on us. Checking in on whatever goals, resolutions, life plans & decisions, etc, that we have in mind.

Introversion and extraversion is all about what takes energy to do and what gives you energy while doing. I’m a social person who naturally energizes when she’s alone – and, likewise, has to use energy to be around people. And, no, it’s not about just being tired after a fun night out. It’s a little more involved than that.

It took learning that Type B personalities tend to gravitate towards more creative endeavors, empathetic behaviors, and reflective thinking to realize I fit more into Type B than Type A. I just happened to be a Type B personality will a propensity towards anxiety and neurosis.

There’s always a new technique, a slightly different way of moving your legs or your arms or your torso. A way of becoming more efficient with your running or less likely to get injured.

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